The Professional Triathlete

Jason racing as a professional triathlete in Japan Ironman 2001 (Time 8 hours 32 mins)

Jason first took up the sport of triathlon at the age of 16 year old. From a strong swimming background, which included success at the Australian national level, Jason competed in his first triathlon event in 1989 and is proud to point out that his debut event saw him exit the water 3rd out of 1,700 only to finish up 852nd!

By 1991, Jason was recognised as a talented athlete with the potential to be a ‘contender’, and was added to the Australian Triathlon Development Program run by Australia’s highly prestigious Institute of Sports. Jason made his debut as an international triathlete, representing Australia at the World Triathlon Championships in 1991 as a junior representative with Australia taking Gold in the Team Junior category.

In 1993 Jason became the youngest addition to the powerful and prestigious Tricastan Triathlon Team of France. With Tricastan, Jason raced extensively in France in his first year, and then won over ten international races that same year in Austria, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Tahiti and New Caledonia.

In 1994, Jason was asked to join, and became the first non-European citizen to join the FrenchAssystem Triathlon Racing Team. The Assystem Triathlon Racing Team was spearheaded by the multiple world champion Simon Lessing and US legend Mike Pigg. Assystem dominated the triathlon circuit racing throughout the world for the next 3 years. As part of the Assystem Team, Jason raced in the famous French Iron Tour series in 1995,1996,1997, which notched up three consecutive Iron Tour Team victories in which Jason placed 8th overall, a feat that is even more impressive by the fact that Jason was Simon’s Chief domestique through 95 and 96.

Ironman Australia 2003, Jason crossing the finish line in 4th place

In 1995 Jason beat his “idol” 6 time Hawaiian Ironman legend Mark Allen not once but twice in the New Caledonia International and the Fiji International a week later. Something that Jason will cherish as that year mark went onto to claim his 6 th and final Kona World Title.

From 1996 though to his retirement from professional racing in 2003, Jason won over 45 International Triathlons in more then 20 countries.

Jason’s life then took another direction when he realised that the skills that he used to such great effect on the racing circuit, were just the sort of skills that many people craved to apply in their ordinary lives: commitment, focus, effort, a positive mental attitude, the ability to keep going when it all seemed too hard, the ability to turn a tough situation around, and the glue that holds it all together – the desire and will to achieve a goal. So Jason decided to help others to develop and enhance these skills through participation in ‘self-competitive’ sports like triathlon.

Major Professional Triathlon Racing Results 1991-03:

1st World Junior Championships team category 1991
1st Australian Junior Duathlon Champion
1st Australian Junior Triathlon Champion 1992
1st Japan Shimokita Ironman distance 2002
4th Ironman Australia 2003
1st Abu Dhabi International 2000, 01, 02, 03
1st ITU Beijing International 2002, 03
2nd ITU Dali Triathlon Asian Cup 2002
1st Singapore International 2002, 03
1st TAGAMAN Triathlon Saipan 01, 02, 03
3rd ITU World Cup Paris