About Jason Metters

Few people have the experience to guide, motivate, and train you to achieve your goals like Jason Metters, the principal behind Tri2Aspire. Jason is an ex-professional athlete from one of the most demanding endurance sports there is – Triathlon.

Within the sport of triathlon few people have the depth of knowledge and experience that Jason possesses. Being an athlete himself, he has a strength and understanding of the requirements necessary to ensure improvements are made, and can develop realistic programs for any level of athlete, from the Jas Sydney Tri Seriesfirst time “newbie” all the way to the very elite of the professional triathletes. Jason has studied at Swinburne University Melbourne and achieved a degree in Psychology.

With his wealth of experience in the triathlon Jason has endeavored to promote the sport in the Middle East and is the driving force behind the team and team training camps providing the opportunity for athletes to participate and compete at all levels.

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