2014 IM 70.3 Busselton

484 Suzanne Newton, GBR
Swim: 36.59 Bike: 04.45.26 Run: 1:50.24 = 5:16:21
Coach’s remarks: Another nice race report below here from Suzi. Q goes back 5 years now (literally this month) and like she says, a boozy, smoking 69kg young lady turned into a 61kg athlete. Some of you have met Suzanne but its lucky to be twice a year these days in comparison to weekly when she first joined. One thing you left out Suz was the power of this psychology degree I am deep into. That “doubting you” and taking the pressure off and calling it a training day worked yet again! Just like it did in Creek 🙂
Great racing Suz, 5.16hrs is a real time. The general rule is double your 70.3 and add 30mins if your fit. Busselton being over IM Busselton course enables a very accurate reading there so, your IM Busselton time would be around 11 hours flat. That shows how well you actually raced. Let’s not wait between Singapore and Busselton though for another PB. CP
The report:
Wow, it’s such a long time since I did a race report, which could be down to the fact I haven’t done a big race since Roth 2012 (I wrote it but never did issue the race report for THAT one, took me a while to get over that particular day). I’ve entered my fair share races and dropped out so I thought this time I should go through with it – regardless of how I felt – being I didn’t really want to do it – seemed like such a good idea in February.

I didn’t feel ready, which is stupid considering that in the main I haven’t had a break from training since my 21-day hangover in January following Colleens Xmas drinks party 🙂 Oh, and I went skiing for a week (but I still tried to swim and run whilst I was there). Basically I was doing about 75% of plan and I think the most confidence knocking part was my lack of running. I have missed my Saturday long run since we stopped doing CD back in January (I do miss CD) and the only running I’d been doing in the week was the Monday bricks – other than a few last ditch efforts in Qatar over the preceding two weeks.

It’s not all that bad though. We now have fun day Sunday swim day, which too be fair has lost its fun edge in the last 6 weeks, but regular attendees Sellar, Sam, Allan and Anders have meant that is a key – not one to miss – session! and of course the Monday Camel Track Posse, Anders, Sellar, Jimmy, Piers and Colleen making the Monday brick another key session, and obviously there’s the Friday bike, whilst everyone else is riding at ‘70%’ I’m usually sat on the back with my HR in excess of 80%… when it got to 86% one week I wept in sheer desperation and dropped off the back – sniff! I can only say I was tired.
Coach was obviously sensing my lack of enthusiasm and his advice was to treat it as a training day (the main purpose of my trip to Auz was visa related the race was an afterthought to be fair) and aim – a 40-min swim, 3 hour bike and 2:06 run – which only offended me but I didn’t say anything as I didn’t know if I was even capable of that. Anyway, the top and bottom – I didn’t feel to wonderful, and then to bolster my confidence some more I embarked on long-haul journey to Australia two days before the race – so I succumbed, I drank copious amounts of wine on the plane and tried to sleep. I arrived in Perth 20-hours after I set off from Dubai and got in bed at 1am… Then up early to unpack my bike for a 3-hour drive down to Bussleton (I hadn’t traveled enough!). It was all straightforward really, register, rack your bike and go and drink some more wine! Anyone would think I wasn’t treating this race seriously – Caz, my friend was quite surprised at my approach to my ‘diet’ as an ‘athlete’, to the point I think she’s seriously considering triathlon…. until she saw me after the race, I think her words were ‘you look broken!’
I didn’t sleep to well, and for all my blase ‘I don’t care’ attitude I did care and I was anxious as they come with pre-race nerves, waking up on the hour through the night. We left early to get down to the start, checked my bike, set up my transition area and toddled off down to the beach.
I had a Gu, vanilla flavour, before the swim.
The water was a cool 16-degs and flat. Some how I ended up front row on the start line, it certainly wasn’t intentional and before I could make my escape I was running into the water (yes Coach I ran). Coach had made a remark a few weeks back about me getting beaten up on the swim, but I didn’t as I am from Manchester and we can hold our own, I got swam into but as I’m a fairly sizeable girl I can give as good as I get and they soon move away, up stream generally as they can swim faster than me 🙂 I followed them and just kept thinking about all those relentless (should of been 4km but never quite made the distance) swims at Hamdan with Sellar and got though the 1.9km in a comfortable fashion. Could I of swam faster? Probably not.
I came out of the water in 30th place
My T1 was electric of course! 🙂
The bike was 2-laps of 45km and compared to AQ went really quick, it was as flat as a pancake, a bit rough in parts and the wind picked up on the second lap on the coast but other than that it felt surprisingly OK. My HR ave was 82%. I was pleased with my bike time – considering I was sniffling like a baby into my tri-bars only a few weeks before at AQ.
I biked myself in to 12th place which I obviously had no idea at the time!
I had 3 Gu’s, choc mint, on the bike which I had stuffed in my short legs rather than taping to my bike – it worked well.
My T2 was again electric – and I even put socks on! 😉
I started the run and couldn’t believe it, my legs felt fine, and when I looked at my watch I was running sub-5’s. My strategy for the run was to run 5.30’s as I had done a last ditch run on a treadmill the previous week and felt fine for 90-mins running 5.30’s. Coach said run 6-min km – which I was disgusted at, but wasn’t going to argue just in case I couldn’t run 6-min km’s on the day. I had done the duathlon 3-weeks earlier which was 2 x 7km runs in heat and ran 4:50’s and 5.10’s (it wasn’t at all comfortable but did it) so I thought what’s another 7km?!! Anyway it turns out my average pace – and fairly consistent pace – was 5.11’s with my ave. HR 85%. I really wanted to go sub-1hr 50, I had my eye on the prize but my calves started to cramp with 2km to go – I was surprised they lasted that long to be fair.
Unwittingly I had run into 9th place! Nice surprise considering all my pre-race woes!!
I had 2 Gu’s on the run, tri-berry, horrid flavour and were a struggle to get down. I didn’t stop at aid stations which is a first for me – just kept running through grabbing water – drinking one, pouring one over me and NO COKE!!!
I finished, my legs hurt, I had tummy ache – so I forced a big chocolate muffin down, as you do?! It was either that or a banana/apple combo – Erm i think i made the obvious choice!!
So I came 9th in my AG and got a PB by 26-mins! Yay!
My fastest 70.3 before Busso was Singapore in 2010, funnily enough I came 9th in my AG then too… 9 must be my lucky number.
2010 Singapore 70.3 – Swim: 46:21 Bike: 02:48:25 Run: 2:03:54 = 5.42.14
2014 Busselton 70.3 – Swim: 36.59 Bike: 04.45.26 Run: 1:50.24 = 5:16:21

So in 4 years I have shown some improvement – I should think so too as I work hard at this game, and its big thanks to Coach, who has been my Coach for 5 years now, we’ve gone from a chain smoking pi$s-head (me not him) to a picture of health (almost)! Anyway, it’s another PB, I got a 10-min PB at Creek Half in Dec so perhaps I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. The message from this race experience, and some words of wisdom from Chicago – it’s not the last few weeks training that matter, its the long haul. Listen to the Coach, after all that’s what you are paying him for, he knows his stuff and he knows his team. Stick at it, be consistent and get yourself out on the road even if its not what you feel like doing, odds are once you start you’ll finish your session and feel great afterwards! I didn’t want to do this race – but look what happened – and I felt great after it (despite Caz’s post-race observation on my condition). I feel motivated again. I think the way Coach marries our plans (copy/paste?) so we can all get the benefit to train together, no matter what level we are! 🙂 It works a treat, you all inspire me to keep going, so on with the training, back to turning up at un-Godly hours for Friday biking, Saturday swims, fun day Sunday swim day with Sellar et al, Monday bricks with the camel crew, I shall continue to flog myself with Colleen down the CT on a Wednesday morning for horrible biking set and then see what other sessions I can fit in the week around that tedium that is work 🙂
It’s the Coach and the characters in T2A that make results like my PB possible, the training and support week-in week-out with you all. I’m trying to leave Dubai but this team is probably the one of the reasons I stay. You can do triathlon anywhere in the world, but T2A i.e. you lot, are only in Dubai 🙂
Anyway, until Malaysia!!! Bring on the barmy summer training…