251 Anastasia Ageeva RUS

251 Anastasia Ageeva RUS
Placed 11 | AG F30-34 | Overall time 5:42:47
Swim 0:39:33 | T1 4:38 | Bike 3:05:37 | T2 3:14 | Run 1:49:45

Coach’s remarks: Having been inspired by Suzanne’s race report in September, Anastasia put one together for Bahrain. Waiting on Stuey’s comments as he is the captain of race report feedback. This is a great perspective coming from a complete newbie and Anastasia, I told you that you would run through hundreds, holding back on the swim and bike as we gather experience was the right play and part of our game plan. Thanks also for taking all the fuel I asked as I know this was new territory for you….notice how you never “blew up”. Great racing and I know your very shy so thanks for sharing this report and for somebody writing in their 2nd language, very impressive!!
Thanks guys!!

2014 Bahrain 70.3 Race report- AA