2013 Ironman 70.3 Galveston, Texas

2135 Carla Botha, ZAF
Place in AG 30-34: 51 // Overall Time: 06:20:55
Swim: 0:35:56 // T1: 0:05:00 // Bike: 3:09:45 // T2: 0:03:38 // Run: 2:26:36

Coach’s remarks: This is a great little report for anyone who has yet competed in a 70.3 with aspirations to do so. Carla followed the game plan to clockwork which is evident here with her splits, nutrition and pacing..Honestly, this is a perfect display for a newbie to follow here in Carla’s footsteps wanting to race a 70.3. Carla, with that performance, after we race Miami, we may just be looking for an IM in 2014 🙂 Very nice detailed report here on how you approached the day, OK, eat and get fat for a few days now, we are back on next week 🙂 Congratulations Carla and thanks for sharing this with the team!!

Ironman 70.3 Galveston, TX
Swim: 35:51.66 on 2.06km burnt 354 caloriesI swam a bit wide to the right with minimum swimmers to influence my rhythm. Probably the reason for that extra few 100m’s & something to keep in mind next time as it definitely have an influence on time. Every minute counts…It was a “jump of the pier” water start which was perfect for me. Usually helps with the nerves as I get to splash around a bit before the hooter goes. I started in the front to the right hand side, most girls were to my left all huddled together like sheep. I didn’t see the need to huddle together 🙂 I was happy with my spot! Had a good fast start for the first 200m & then settled into my rhythm. I didn’t feel tired for one moment but did get bored at some point wondering when this will actually finish – in a good spirit of course. The last 300m I went hard until I could touch ground. Almost tripped at the steps out of the water like so many others did on the way out.They had “wet suit” peelers and it literally took them 15sec if that much to get my suit of me. It was awesome!! It would’ve taken me a whole  minute longer to get it off myself. I felt really good coming into transition & there was no sign of tiredness yet. Just good spirits & voices every where motivating each and every athlete!I found my  bike pretty quickly, slipped on my socks, helmet, sun glasses. Sprayed some sun lotion but obviously NOT ENOUGH. My bike shoes was already in the cleats hanging from rubber-bands. First time for me & it worked like MAGIC!!! (Thanks to YouTube).

Bike Splits: Set on 15km-laps (Burnt 1636 cal)

15km: 28:35.04 @ 31.5km/h with tail wind going out, slight side wind
86rpm (need some explaining of the RPM) Ate 2 Cliff Shots

15km: 28.57.45 @ 28:57.45@31.1km/h (Drank 1 bottle of Ensure)

15km: 31:17.86@28.8km/h

15km: 32:38.05@27.6km/h (bridge & head wind) Ate 1 gel

15km: 33:10.18@27.1 (Force feed 1/2 a GU)

15km: 32:56.52@27.3

The first 45km went pretty quick! I had a minor setup adjustments done to my tri-bars on Friday as my neck pain usually kills me more on the bike than the actual ride. Must say, the pain was 80% LESS!! And made the ride so much more enjoyable. We had a tail wind heading out and I felt good at averaging in the 30’s for the first part of the race. It was only into the last 5km of the first 45km that the wind started picking up. Needless to say the wind was smack on from the front on the way back. I also felt a bit nauseas which made me eat less on the last 30km. My saddle started hurting me & I was getting tired & uncomfortable on the bike. My right trapezius started cramping – I moved & stretched and bend my neck from side to side which offered only temporary relief. I think it’s time for a proper TT bike & setup… Maybe this will stop my cycling from being a pain in the neck.
I did have a much more enjoyable ride than in Abu Dhabi. Maybe the home trainer is a good thing after all… Back to transition I quickly slipped out of my bike shoes & ran back on my socks. Saved a lot of time in T2, I hate running on my bike shoes! I even took the time in T2 to put on fresh dry socks 🙂 And walked out of T2 to bring down my HR. I felt much more composed running after taking that small walk & just breathing a bit. (Did I mention I had to stop for the porta-loo? Nature called!) 🙂

I had 2 bottles on my bike – one with Water & Elete ( 100ml left at end of 90km)
One with Coke & Water mixed (Finished this pretty quickly)

Run Splits: 5km laps (Burnt 800 calories)

5km: 31:21.59 @ 6.16/km

5km: 33:38.81@6.43/km

5km: 35:56.59@ 7.11/km

5km: 38:46.49@7.45/km

1.19km: 7:04.77 @ 5.55/km

Up to 8.5km I felt fresh & good. I literally stopped at each water station & had either a bit of water, Coke or Ironman drink. Just a mouthful every time kept me going & the energy levels up. At this point in the race I couldn’t see myself eat… There were bananas and GU’s available but no real appetite. It was a HOT AFTERNOON!!! I also had to stop at the loo twice during the run!! On 11km I knew I was halfway & that there’s only the last 10km’s left to get through. On 13km my knees starting hurting. I’m not sure which was worse, my rught trapezius pulling in my neck or my sore knees. I wasn’t about to stop either. I knew I had to keep moving forward. I ended up only walking at Aid Stations & once icing my knees on the 18km mark – hence the 38min on this 5km.

I never once felt negative or like giving up. I was having a lot of fun & all the thousands of supporters made it even more fun & some funny! After coming out of the water on goal time I just felt more positive & happy! And of course there was that medal waiting… I feel really happy & blessed with great team support, family & friends supporting me, it always makes participating easier!!

6hr30 became 6hr20 which I am also happy about!! In the end, battling that stupid injury & flu couldn’t really hold me back. I guess the human spirit is one strong monster when unleashed. (Miami 70.3 here I come – 27 October)

Thank you Jason for having patience & pushing me at training sessions.
An athlete is only as good as the Coach. I felt like a true winner today!! It’s been a fantastic few months of growing and learning…

Carla aka Super C

I’m sore & stiff (guess that is “normal”).  I can’t eat properly as I have an inflamed palate – apparently quite common amongst endurance racers… Bloody painful if you ask me!!   And I have a nasty sunburn!! Total calorie expenditure:  2790