2571 Tony Hchaime LEB

2571 Tony Hchaime, LEB
Total time: 13:38:29 | Plcaed 400 | AG 35-39
Swim 1:22:12 | T1 3:40 | Bike 6:27:54 | T2 10:25 | Run 5:34:21

Coach’s remarks: Team, one arm bandit here, read this report from Batman, could challenge Chicago/Dataman as one of the greatest reports to date. Anyway, a great T2A concept the old race report, I love them and its great for newbies looking at doing an IM. Great great report Batman and thanks also for sticking by the crew, it means a lot to me when people say I changed their life, means a real lot. Cheers team and thanks Tony, Coach

Challenge Roth Race Report – 14 July 2013