2013 Challenge Roth

We had Higgsy do battle in the Austrian IM along with Jimmy and Q in Wales, now we are in Roth. One of the biggest races in the World will see Andy V, Irish Mike, Paulo, Piers and Tony Batman do battle over the best race in the World. I love Roth, so much so that I ran 47km on its canal last year, would love to be at this event. We do have Annie P though as head Pom Pom 🙂 I will not be putting pressure on these 5 athletes with what I expect, we have been through our strategy separately now. Remember race reports from Flanners, Suz, Capt Carl about following the game plan and coach’s tips? I hope we do that guys, if we do, we will be ok.
I think we have an outside chance of a “9” club, a solid chance of “12” club for the majority and hopefully, nobody in the 14 club is my goal 🙂 As I have said to each soldier here, enjoy the day and its surrounds and you are 75% there. Follow the game plan and HR targets and we have very little to worry about. Prepared athletes at their level should not get nervous, your ready guys!! Good luck and look forward to watching you live and on FB with the crew. Cheers for now, CP