194 Damien Byrne IRE

Laguna Phuket Triathlon :: 25th November 2012
1.8km swim (sea/lagoon) :: 55km bike :: 12km run
Position AG 35-39: 39
swim 0:33:47 :: bike 1:47:00 :: run 1:10:00 :: overall time 3:34:00
Coach’s remarks: Enjoy the read team and yep, the goal was always to beat the girls but, I suggest you continue your fitness rise mate as those chicks are getting faster and faster 🙂
Race Report
Humidity , rain , sun and perfect sea temp. These were the conditions that met us on landing and would be expected for race day. Got to the start line, after what seemed like a ten min rant from some politician an athlete was spotted in the water, clearly not wanting to join the beach start. After a few protests from competitors it became evident that the athlete in the water only had one leg. For the more tactically aware , this athlete would not make a good draft.SWIM: 1.8km 33.47
The gun went off and it ws go go go.
All was going well until some one decided that it would be a good idea to try and drown at the 400m mark. This chap interrupted my rhythm and i had to navigate around him while he performed his attempt to ‘expire’. other than that the only other point of note was that my one legged friend (whom i thought was not worth drafting) beat me out of the water! Fair play old bean. I had beaten my last years time so i was pretty happy. (I do note that colleen beat me in the swim with a time of 31 mins !!, I blame the drowning man)

BIKE: 55km: 1h47
We rode 30km of the course on the Friday  Our main objective was to see the notorious hills that would meet us at the 7km mark. Hatta training and generator hill were all key ingredients to build strength and confidence in tackling these beasts. Luckily I had no issues on the bike, last year in the Phuket 70.3 I had a horse jump out and run with me, but no horse this year. I am not the strongest on the bike and as time goes by the bikes which pass me get less and less expensive/technical/beautiful. Once the shaved legs go by, then the bikes with no Zipp wheels, when i saw a chap go past wearing a pair of trainers i thought i really need to pick my game up! all in all bike was fine, averaged 30.5kph, 1h47 for 55kms.

I had such a quick transition that i found myself standing there thinking, can that really be it? surely im missing some major component! but no, i was ready and off i went.RUN: 12km: 1h10
right from the start I was well into the hurt locker. I seemed to develop 3 stitches which enduced weird groaning sounds. I had not seen Colleen on the course all day and was hoping 1- she was ok and enjoying the race and 2 – more importantly…. she wasn’t beating me! Alas I saw heather and colleen running on the golf course, after some highly accurate mathematical calculation I knew i had a gap of about 2kms. I was a happy man. I need to make an effort on my Brick sets as I did more of a shuffle than a run!

Phuket is a great place to race, organisation was good, the people friendly and with Etihad (Air Berlin) and Emirates (starting in Dec) flying direct, I would recommend it to everyone for 2013. It was great having the other team members out there each shouting the other on.

Good luck to all the T2A members going for the 70.3 , as Marshman says be careful on those hills especially if its wet. A number ended up in hospital this week so take care. If you want to gain time then hammer up those hills and embrace the pain. Rock on.