66 Ahmed Al-Malki, OMN

2012 Ironman Bussleton, Western Australia
9th December 2012
Position in AG 211 :: Swim 1:26:56 :: Bike 6:29:11 :: Run 6:08:46 :: Overall 14:17:28

Coach’s remarks: This is a superb race report from Ahmed. Very warm heart felt report and what I like most is what he went through at this event and still, how he laughs it off and thanks us all! Don’t forget Ahmed writes this in English, imagine us doing our reports in Arabic 🙂 Splendid job Ahmed and thanks for sharing this with the team. You were a true rockstar at that event!! You are right, Glen has lifted Oman a stack and, proved how well we can train and be coached remotely!!

I may be the last person who likes to write a report – especially in English! However, after 3 ironman and 3 half ironman and 2.5 years as part of the team I think the team is owed one 🙂

Everything was telling me I was going for PB – Coach and I had chat and 12 hours club was the goal but was something tell me I can do better!! Was very confident about my goal so I left everything to myself, It is crazy to see all your dreams, goals end on the race day and I keep telling myself why? What happened? So here is my story…


Everything was great we arrived to hotel and decide to go for ride to with Endurance sport to check the route and check to bike too all was good expect feeling tired because of lack of sleep. Rest of the team start to arrive and feeling of having the team support made me relaxed. I was really confident, relaxed about the race I had been training Hard and Hard here in Muscat – especially with Glen being here now made things great as we start doing sessions together which was helpful and we took advantage of the hills – this made me believe I was going to slam the race.

Race day!!!

Wake up early morning check everything I need and all good, off the race venue check the bike and all sorted. The time was 4.30am so I left the race venue and found cafe near the swimming start grab coffee and sit watching the sea and sort out my swim strategy!

Swim: 1.25 (3.9 Swim)

At 5.30am I walked to beach watching the pro start and try to find the rest of the team to wish them best of luck … I make my way to the sea a bit of warm up and I was ready to go!! 5.45am race start and I tell myself its MY DAY GO FOR IT the sea condition was rough but I managed to find my rhythm at the first buoy (1KM mark) I Check my time was 19.40 I said this is great just enjoy it and I did I check my Garmin again at 3KM my time was 63mins at the point I realize I had good swim even better than Roth swim which made me feel great!

Off to transition area and all I want is to get on the bike and enjoy my ride was looking forward for it I just love being on the bike I can see my ride improve every day my goal was 5.45hours and I know I can do it!! Give me my bike and leave me alone that all what I want.

T1 6.12

Off to bike course it was windy and hot but that was fine by me! on my tri bar and I was telling myself go Ahmed go/. Was comfortable, delighted to be in my race zone till 12Km of the bike and the games began. I had my first flat tyre at 12km. I was calm and fixed it and off I go like nothing happened. Got to first U-turn and I saw Lisa ahead of me. Had a quick chat as I passed her – she was happy about her swim and buzzing! Kept pushing first 60Km done 1.52 wow I’m doing good I thought! That didn’t last long another flat at 80km mark I said fine it happens – had second inner tube so fixed it and off I go – 2nd loop finished 120km make 3.49 on my Garmin that give me motivation to keep going until 158km where I had my Third Flat !!! At this point I lost it -I lost It everything come Black in my mind everything gone!!

Calmed down and said fine will fix it but no – was no spare tube left! I Have nothings left! Wait till one of the triathlete passed and asked me if I was alright – I said No spare tube left – he give me a tube and co2 (Many thanks to him even though I don’t who he was or where he was from – but what a STAR!) Fixed the wheel and off I go I think at that point I was in dark place didn’t know what’s going on just keep going and at 179km a technical official give me a penalty!! FOR WHAT???? I asked. She replied riding in middle of road!!! I look in front there was nobody looked behind – nobody !! said this to her but she said that’s the rules – I said come on, there’s no one here, I’m 1k from the end of the course – she just said that’s the rules. Wanted to kill the B***H. Another 4mins added to bike time! My Garmin show 5.56 bike ride as I set it in auto post and total bike ride was 6.29min with 3 flat tyre in 4mins added as penalty !

T2 :6:24

Into T2 and I was trying to understand was the hel was going on – took me a while till I put everything together in my mind and decided what could get worse – just go and enjoy the run you love running just do it same time as Roth which was 4.48 for the marathon and I’m now fitter – even If I did same time I will still be in 12hours Club!! Thats what was going on in my mind.. but the first thing I need to do is go in find the penalty box to serve the penalty. Put my Newton on and off I go I was still in transition area and start asking everyone where is the penalty box no one had any idea what I was talking about !!! While I was look for the penalty box I tripped over kerb at penalty tent, twisted ankle & pulled hamstring !! Then the joy of limping the marathon! A long time later I finally finished. It was good to see everyone on the course and I did manage to run the last 2k into the finish.

Total time, 14.17 – Oh well, still an Ironman

Many thanks to you coach for believing in me and helping me improve so much over the 2 years. Thanks to the team for all the support – especially Piers who was brilliant to be with in Busso – calm, full of brilliant advice and like the daddy of the group.

Thanks and well done to Chief for being a great drinking partner (ha ha ha) and to Capt J, Craig, Tim and Marie who all had great races. Wendy and Lucy were great supporters out there all day! Well done to Lisa who had her dream and goal and she did it even with stupid long hours of work and sickness – you still smashed it! And thanks to Glen who has come to Muscat and really raised the bar in training!

IM Texas here I come!