429 Jason Metters, AUS

429 Jason Metters, AUS
Place in AG 40-44: 1 // Overall Time: 01:00:09
Swim: 0:09:27 // T1: 0:01:13 // Bike: 0:30:58 // T2: 0:01:03 // Run: 0:19:43

Just a quick thanks for all your support on my race at the Australian Championships. I tell you, I just am battling with these wave starts however, have to get over it. At the end of the day, I am racing the 40-44 athletes but the old Pro in you only looks at overall results 🙂
You can’t match the kids racing as a group out there and having Princey and the guys racing from 20-34 year old one wave just makes it impossible to match them as I am Han Solo. The race was a little unfair as 5 ITU kids were allowed to race (could not take the medals) and they really push the pace in that wave. I only wish I was 33 again 🙂
I was blown away though that I swam the 5th fastest of the day on my own, was most happy with that as again, no feet makes it hard. I have been swimming the same as Macca and Crowie though so knew I was swimming ok. Just have to get use to racing pure solo TT work, that’s all I have here. I kept thinking about Flanners, Chicago, Sime, Matty, Benny, Ian as I really think they will rock ITU Worlds in NZ if they make their teams. If you take a look at the swim times, Chicago, Marshall and Benny will be in the box seat with Matty, Flanners and Ian at the pointy end I believe.
Michael Prince who races in the 30-34 (and yours Matty) is my benchmark as Princey won Hungary outright (all age groups) at the ITU 2009 Worlds and 2 weeks back stomped me by 4-mins however, yesterday was only 2-mins with my lame calf so again, I cant help myself but Princey is who I am after and he knows it and loves it as we train down here together these past 4-weeks.
Anyway, good swim and I biked as hard as I could, I have totally lost that boom on the bike and was surprised I held my own against the 20-34 ITU pack and Princey and the gun bikers. I am about 45 seconds off the pace so Ed, Suisse, Marshall, Flanners, Ian, Hammer and anyone else out there who want some sparring, you got it as TT’s will be regular 🙂 The shaved legs did diddle squat as I just can’t find the pedal, I did look down a few times at my legs and like last report, was visualizing my 25-year-old slick brown legs, instead, got a set of pale slightly fat legs that can’t push a pedal anymore.
In this style of racing, I have worked out that all I can do is set myself for a pure 60-mins of hell TT work. You can’t think about a strategy if your out the front against your age group. You just have to lay it all out there and when you pass your competition, pull a gear down and appear to be absolutely flying without noticing them there (you do of course). I even take my watch off for these events which one of the team noticed and just go as hard as I can in the swim, bike and run!!
Having been heavily strapped up and not run a step since the tear 2-weeks back, my goal was simply not to tear it more. I had been to the physio for the 3rd time the day before and had it heavily strapped and as I was warming up (hobbling) it just seemed too tight so I grabbed a XS calf compression 5-mins before the start and hoped it would not blow on me. The run was 5.5km and the T1 and T2 was about 400m so of course, that made me happy. I was looking for a 50m T1 and a 4.5km run leg. 7-mins more means a lot with a torn calf (ask Piers, Higgys, Mitchell and Marshall). Anyway, I had a nice buffer as I knew where my opposition was and settled into 3.40’s again and to be honest, it felt ok. Today is also OK so rehab to continue but I feel I may be on the mend.
Australian champion feels good, gosh, last time I won a National Title was in 1992 winning the Triathlon and Duathlon Australian Junior championships and 2000 1/2 Ironman Champs. 20 years ago……depressing almost 🙂
Had a laugh though as people complain at our local events…I paid 450AED to enter, got a yellow swim cap for that and they ran out of water at 2km into the run. Won a 7AED medal for the Title and we had some water at the finish line..amazing to be fair..
I wish the knockers really saw what triathlon is over here, they get spoilt in the UAE I tell you!!
Cheers team, can’t wait to get back next week and last weeks marathon results and 10km results were truly more inspiration yesterday, I really took that into the race as I wanted to hold my own for the team!!!

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