Deirdre Casey, IRE

Deirdre Casey, IRE
Position in AG 25-29: 1 // Finish time: 1:10:51
Swim: 11:20 // T1: 1:51 // Bike: 36:23 // T2: 1:23 // Run: 19:54

Coach’s remarks: Didge has submitted her first race report after a lot of persuasion, thanks Didge and I could not agree with you more. Enough of the whooha, now we go back and defend that Title or chase an Olympic one.. Thanks for your email to the team here, your Irish fed one and the personal one you sent to me!

I had not intended on writing a race report but Tri Ireland asked me to do one for their website during the week (we don’t often win medals in Ireland!!)
so I’ve copied in the link to it here.

It’s not exactly what I would have written if I was just sending it to the team so I just wanted to add a few things.

I think I covered the race part in the link above. In short I had a good day where it just went to plan so I’ve no complaints. Just one thing I got wrong and that was the clothes I had the morning of the race. It was real Irish style weather, raining and cold, but I only had clothes fit for Dubai. Just to emphasis how cold I was, I didnt even complain or hesitate when Stuart made me put on his GREAT BRITAIN tracksuit top!!! Ok I’ve probably just insulted half the team there, whoops. Moving swiftly on, lesson learnt, make sure you bring proper clothes for all weather conditions.

I mentioned in the link about Tri2Aspire and how lucky I am to be a part of it. I genuienly mean that. Moving to Dubai was not easy for me, I just love home. It was made even harder when I realised they had no decent hockey over here, something that had been massive for me for the last 18 years. So I’m really happy I stumbled across the whole triathlon scene in Dubai. My first introduction was in Feb’10 where myself, Kevin and another buddy from back home entered the relay in a Tulip race. There must have been no other teams in it cause we managed to win,but it gave us a bit of a buzz anyway. I did the swim leg so was able to watch everyone finishing and was very impressed to see the first three girls all had the pink suits on. I thought I better find out what club that was and so a few months later I joined.

The group has been great for me, whether it was lending me tri bars (thanks Simon) or just giving general advice (Carl, Ed, Stuart, Roy…..the list could go on), everyone is there to help each other which is lovely. The best part though I think is having so many training partners. There was a stage there earlier in the year when you’d arrive down to Gantoot on Monday night, without even making a plan to meet anyone and undoubtedly end up training with 2 or 3 others. So a big thanks to the group for helping me train as best I can and also keeping it enjoyable. Two people in particular that I want to thank (outside of Jason who got his own email and Kevin who knows how much I appreciate his support). Firstly Stuart. I started doing alot of running and biking with him since the beginning of the summer and he has introduced a whole new level of discipline to my training. Before I would think I was great doing 80% of the session and maybe thought everyone else did the same, o no, not Stuart. I sometimes tried to cut it short, but he was having none of it. It’s become a habit now that I’ll stick to the program, so thanks. And the second person is Ben. It was only August when we trained together but it was one hell of a month. Every Thursday to Monday was like a Hafeet weekend, it was really brutal. There must have been about 10 bike TT sessions we got through and 4 or 5 long swim sessions. It was a huge month’s training for me and in my view key to how I raced last weekend, so thanks.

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