Liz & Beej Mercer GBR

Swim (1.2 km)– 20:52 (275th out of the water, 4th out of 29 in age group)
Bike (15km flat/downhill then 1100m Alp D’Huez!) –1:52 (15th in age group)
Run(7.3 km trail on undulating hills at 200m altitude) – 36:16 (4th in age group)

Swim (1.2 km)– 20:51 (273th out of the water, 34th from 138 in age group)
Bike (15km flat/downhill then 1100m Alp D’Huez!) – 1:49 (97th in age group)
Run (7.3 km trail on undulating hills at 200m altitude) – 36:15 (56th in age group)

Coach’s remarks: What a result for a couple in HEAVY training for Vegas and not alot of hill access in Dubai as we all know. In 4 weeks of training in France, take a look at their results!!! Very impressed Beejy and Liz….big race on a tough famous old course!! It never ceases to amaze me how close these two race in overall times….take a look (above). Thx Guys for sharing this!

Thought we would give you the results of our race yesterday!!

Anyway, we decided to take it as a training day as we really didnt know where we were at and also we didnt really have much hope of doing very well on our time trial bikes!!!! It was a major disadvantage as you can see from our results below!! We were well chuffed with how we did considering the disadvantage, we nailed the swim and came in the top 250 out of 1200 and then just grinded on the bike and then nailed the run doing a hilly run over 7.3km in 36 mins at 2000m which we were well chuffed with. I think with the right bikes we could have done well yesterday, the fitness was there without a question just bikes not suited to a 12% climb!! They recommed a 39/23 and we were riding a 54/39 and it really showed but our legs are a damn sight stronger for it – felt like a 1hr 20 mins of a hellish gym session!!!

So brief race report so you have a feel of the race!!

Swim – was bloody freezing in an alpine damn 15 degrees and a complete shit fight!!! 1200 competitiors mass start and you couldnt hear the starter gun on the side we started so it was ” oh we’ve started”! anyway very scarey and tough swimming in such cold water at altitude, difficult to get your breath, and a complete shit fight at each of the buoys! ironically me and Beejy swam side by side so excited the swim together and we couldnt believe how high up the field we were!!

So out on the bike, a very quick 15km on the flat and then the climb was upon us….we decided that if we hit the Alpe D’Huez together we would ride it together to push eachother on…… idea yet, we paced ourselves, and obviously watched alot of people ride past us on their lovely road bikes………when we had driven up to get our numbers we werent actually sure our lovely triathlon bikes would get up there…..but they did after some serious grinding and we managed to pass a few people on the last few kms…….BUT what a climb…. loved it and having The Schleks names, Cadel etc. all over the road made it feel absolutely fantastic.

So into transition at 2000m and off on the run, really werent sure what we had but flew around the course, more hills than they told us but we kept a good pace and dont think we have run that well since Antwerp last year.

In true Mercer style we came over the line together….was brilliant, great training day and if we had proper bikes think we could have made up a few places! The climbing out here we are doing is brilliant and if we had come out and done that with no training on hills I’m not sure we would have done it.

Anyway coach…..a must race again next year, think a few of the team would love it, even the long course maybe!!

Cheers Lizzy and Beejy

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