TT2A racing :: Dubai International Triathlon

It was another great day out for the team. The course was a bit different this year starting in Dubai Marina at JBR, which has been the location for the T2A Saturday swims for years, then the bike ended up at Endurance City which meant a lap of Al Qudra – and as usual it was windy and just got windier as the day progressed which meant for a tough day at the office. The run was a great little course on a mixture of road and trail, 3 loops in the desert.

Sellar placed 4th in M35-39 4:42:28
Ben Walton placed 5th in M30-34 5:00:25
Capt J followed strict instructions to stick to IM pace and had a great training session in his build up to IM Busselton M40-44 5:55:46
Men’s team (Tom/Stuey/Anders) placed 2nd in Male Team 4:44:16
Girls team (Colleen/Kirsty/Britt) placed 2nd in Female Team 5:17:36



TT2A racing :: Ironman Arizona

Piers Constable (PC) has been in the team for four years, in fact we’re on a 4-year anniversary (November 2011). Sadly, PC left us in Dubai last year and moved to NYC but stayed with us as our US contingent (with Super C and part-time real Yank – Big Dog), and if you follow PC on Instagram you’ll know he’s having a ball stateside. PC is also is a prime example of a change is as good as a rest.. but he’s not really been resting has he (can PC ever rest?), racing every month since NYC came out of a deep freeze.

American Zofinger Long Course – 17th May 2015
3rd M40-44 5m/84m/15m = 8:16:59

70.3 Eagleman – 14th June 2015
5th M40-44 4:38:14

NYC City Triathlon – 19th July 2015
2nd M40-44 Standard Distance 2:10:16

70.3 Timberman – 16th August 2015
4th M40-44 4:37:30

Bruce Springsteen concert, Madison Square Gardens, NYC – 10th November 🙂

This weekend… Ironman Arizona – 14th November 2015 Ironman Arizona

Piers is in Tip-Top shape, with Capital ‘T’s’ and don’t think for one second it’s an overnight sensation, you don’t just suddenly become an ‘Elite Age Grouper’ in 6 months – it’s years of consistent training and dedication (and obsession). PC’s tenacity under the guidance of Coach has perpetuated PC’s performance, coupled with his last years training in the fresh air and great training paddock over there in the US… you can just see from snapshots of PC’s life on Instagram the quality training compared to here in UAE (I have great training grounds envy!!!) it has catapulted his performance and I for one am so chuffed for him (and Wendy who in this journey with him).

So… Ironman Arizona, located in Tempe (next to Phoenix) ‘This race stands out as one of the most urban races in North America’.
IM Arizona map
It’s a fast course… The swim is a one loop in in a lake (and I think PC has a new – Roka, not BlueSeventy? wet suit for the occasion)… The bike is a relatively flat three-loop course… and the run is two loops, flat with a few small rollers.

Weather forecast
2015 IM Arizona Weather

Last years M40-44 results… something to aim for
2014 IM Arizona results

PC is excited, Wendy must be ecstatic and we are waiting for the result 🙂 Kill the run Piers, smash it!!! 🙂
Piers Timberman

TT2A Racing :: Dubai International Triathlon

This week we see Sellar, Ben, Capt J along with two teams (Colleen, Kirsty, Britt) and (Tom, Stuey, Anders) racing in the first half ironman distance event in the region this season – Dubai International Triathlon

The swim is on our very own stomping ground down at JBR, its a non-wetsuit swim and the water temperature is perfect at this time of the year in Dubai. The bike is one lap starting in Dubai Marina winding up at another familiar place, the Al Qudra Cycle track and finishes at Endurance City. We are just hoping the winds die down, and blow over by Saturday or it’ll make for a tough ride. The run is 3 laps on a new course in the desert so depending on what time you run it has the potential to be hot, hot, hot – nothing new there 🙂

Good luck guys & enjoy… I for one will be watching 🙂


TT2A racing :: 2XU Triathlon @ Mamzar – Race 1 of 3

From From 17 starters, 8 won either overall or within their age categories, which made for 13 podiums. That makes 76% of the team who raced yesterday stood up on the dice – not a bad result 🙂 2XU Triathlon SuperSports Race Results

Message from the Coach Well done team – we’ve all worked incredibly hard over the summer for these results. We did some punishing training sets. When your in the middle of hard training blocks, its easy to think your not doing too well. This can be due to fatigue, motivation and comparing yourself to other team mates shredding you on that particular day. I can recall from my own racing days that there has to be sets in training that are “harder” than racing. I asked a few members today how they compared yesterdays bike to some of the brutal sets I have dished out in training. All of them replied that the training sets were harder. Love CP

TT2A racing :: ITU Sprint Qualifiers (UK)

Zoe Cresswell claimed top spot in both UK qualifiers for the ITU Chicago Sprint World Championships in September.

Zoe placed 1st in her AG 30-34 in both QF races in Eton (23rd May) and Nottingham (30th May) and is all set for a summer of hard training for a trip stateside to the windy city, Chicago in September to have a crack at a world title 🙂

She’ll be joining Glen Osmond (USA) and Anastasia Ageeva (RUS)



TT2A racing :: Stateside

Word has just come in that Piers placed 2nd in his age group and 7th overall in a technically hard sprint race on Long Island 🙂 Congratulations to the Englishman in New York, nice racing, Eagleman next!!!

Cramp: what the f%%k is that s&&t?

Do you remember your pre-triathlon life? When nutrition used to be called food, swimming was something you did on holidays and bonking was something you did with someone else, not alone at 5am? Back then the ‘C’ word had four letters. Now it has five: cramp.

For a long time I was puzzled by this ailment that left fully-grown Ironman veterans lying prone by the pool. I had never had cramp in my life but I suspected that was because I had not yet trained long enough or hard enough.

Then one Friday morning after Longtoot I took the kids to Dubai Mall. I kicked the release catch on the buggy and felt a stabbing pain in my foot. This was it! Cramp! It hurt like hell, but just as Crossfitters brag about vomiting and liver failure, I felt like I was making my triathlon bones.

So what is it, where does it come from and most importantly, how to avoid it? After a cursory trawl through the internet, it seems there are a couple of reasons why it happens but unhappily, “the elusive question of what causes muscle cramps remains unanswered.” In short, no one knows.

The three principle causes of what is officially called Exercise Associated Muscle Cramp (EAMC) are no big surprise:

1. Loss of electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride and calcium due to dehydration.

There’s no real consensus but most sports scientists point the finger at depletion of sodium and chloride. Essentially, training in hot weather without proper hydration trips off a chain of reactions within the body as it tries to compensate which results in cramp.

Hydrate adequately before, during and after training or racing.

2. Premature muscle fatigue

This is a tricky one. If your baby is born at 25 weeks it’s a premature birth but what’s the benchmark in muscle fatigue? There is none. Athlete A could complete a hot and sticky race like Ironman Malaysia, need two litres of IV post-race, but never once cramp. But Athlete B could cramp on the run in a sprint distance event.

Electrolyte drinks low in carbohydrates prior to training as well as sips during.

Consider adding more salt to your diet. But if you get your calories from packaged, prepared food, you don’t need to worry: you’re good for extra salt.

Avoid premature muscle fatigue by scaling back your sessions in hot and humid conditions. That is, don’t be a slave to the Garmin: back off if it’s 42 degrees and 80% humidity.

3. Inhibited range of motion as a result of tight muscles

Spend a lot of time with your friend Trigger Point, attend a yoga class or get a massage.

In conclusion, prevention is the key because once it gets your calves in its jaws, the only thing you can do for cramp is stretch it out, massage the area and maybe sip some flat Coke. And as in many things, experts say consistency is paramount. Avoid the Weekend Warrior syndrome. If you haven’t been on your bike for a while, 100 km at Al Qudra in summer is going to be a nail-biting, muscle-cramping experience.


TT2A racing :: Dubai International Triathlon

Quite a few of the team took part in the Dubai International Triathlon on 7th November 2014, which was the first half ironman distance race in Dubai orgainsed by ME events who are doing a splendid job on the local race scene. The start and finish was at the Atlantis Hotel on Palm Jumeirah. The 1.9km non-wetsuit swim was in jellyfish free waters, the 90km bike course took in a breezy 3 loops heading from the Plam to out to Sports City and the 21km run went 2 x along the North crescent and it was a scorcher!

Notable results of the day:

Zoe Cresswell had a great result in her first half distance, placing 2nd F 30-34 (4:59:08) and Marci Moo also had a great day out placing 6th F 40-44 (5:44:25)

IMG_0423 IMG_0424







Other racers included Jimmy Cresswell (2:13:42) Andy Veall (6:23:13), Q (DNF), [Ben Walton, Clipboard, Chocolate Karl – team entry], [Dieter & Claire – team entry].

TT2A racing :: Mamzar race 1/3

It’s a nice start back to the local season… with the superb Supersports Mamzar Triathlon on race 1 in a series of 3 held on 24th October 2014.

A big congratulations to Zoe for coming first female overall in the Sprint distance race. Zoe has been very patient as we all know and followed my advice through training whilst pregnant (which was torture as we nursed through some soft training plans). I think we proved we can safely train pregnant if monitored very closely, and that is what we did 🙂

It’s really exciting having 3 members on the podium again!! Zoe with her win overall… Jimmy 35-39’s and Suzi (3rd) 40-44’s.

Not to mention Karl coming back with a Top 30 from 300 athletes and Sharon doing precisely what I asked and start racing shorts sprints whenever she can. She did that and went as fast as she has ever gone with limited training around work taking off.

…Then we had Moo go it alone with a 5th in the OD course on her first real event since May 70.3. Brilliant 🙂