April 2012

April was an action packed month! We saw a small contingent of TT2A go forth and take on what turned out to be the monster that was ‘Ironman South Africa 2012’ experiencing what some would consider to be some of the toughest race conditions seen in an Ironman competition – a big call? big winds!!! We had a fantastic turnout from the team in Tri Yas producing some outstanding performances in the Sprint Distance race. Didge and Freddie travelled to Israel to race in the ETU European Triathlon Championships and Hunty ran the London Marathon. Finally, the majority of the team experienced the Deceitful Dehydrating Disgusting Dirty Dead Dog Duathlon at the end of the month – which I think everyone who participated will most certainly agree, was the hardest DDD to date 🙂 Legendary, can it get any better?

Remember! The award of AOTM, as titled, is for the outstanding performance or accomplishment of an individual relative to that individual’s ability 🙂

So, after what has been an action packed April, the Committee has decided and out of 5 nominations (and I have been reliably informed it was a tough decision) this months AOTM is [drum roll]

APRIL 2012


Simon ‘Chombi’ Kelly

Simon ‘Chombi’ Kelly – was one of those who took on the strong tides, strong winds and battled his way through the marathon to complete his first Ironman race – Ironman South Africa. This being one of Chombi’s first ever triathlon’s, let alone endurance events! He’s no featherweight so battling his way through in those weather conditions, with an enormous show of character in a tremendous time of 14:50:10 – he did us all proud 🙂

Piers Constable – Ironman South Africa (11:22)
No stranger to Ironman events, Piers ran incredibly well after a tough swim and bike. He was well prepared mentally and physically, a credit to his committment to training. Piers may have finished first out of TT2A on the day but he was there to see his team mates home after what Piers is the first to admit this was the hardest IM he’s experienced. He has done Norseman so I think we shall believe him!!!

Gary Rynhoud – Ironman South Africa (12:41)
Gary never gave up after a terrible ankle injury picked up last November – multi ligament damage, actually torn off the bone! [wince]. Gary trained and obviously couldn’t run as much as he would have hoped leading up to the event, so he tackled his first Ironman with a run/walk strategy – which paid off 🙂 Anytime you see Gazza out training and racing he’s always smiling 🙂 That positive attitude is a leading factor to Gary’s result in SA. Gazza is an inspiration to those out there with a hectic busy lifestyle with working and family commitment’s.

Finn Zwager – Ironman South Africa (12:15)
Aluminium Man – Finn is one of the most dedicated athletes on the team. His targets were blown out the door in the harsh conditions however, what made his performance so grand was how easy he finished the event. This cemented the fact that Capt. Finn has much more in him for his 2013 Ironman task. If there was an award for best race report Capt. Finn would win hands down 🙂

David Hunt – London Marathon (3:21)
What does this man have to do to get AOTM?? Another marathon Hunty… run quicker and maybe 🙂 Seriously, Hunty has demonstrated his running prowess yet again running a 3:21 – awesome!

So, May is upon us. What delights will this month behold I wonder…?