November 2012

November is possibly one of the best months in the Tri2aspire calendar, the weather is great, the sea temperature is perfect, we have the annual Crowie Camp which is always a joy and the newbies along with the more seasoned members of the team make the pilgrimage to Phuket for the Laguna ‘Classic’ Triathlon – a great race which has forever been endorsed by Coach 🙂 This year we waved farewell to tri comrades Mike O’Brien, Colleen Byrne, Heather McKenzie, James Cresswell, Dr Hisham, Damien Byrne, Lea Lehtinen and Sharon Ditchburn to see them embrace the hills, downpours and humidity to race in the season favorite. We had some great results too… The committee was torn between two of the nominees and after much deliberation…



Sharon Ditchburn

Sharon has shown commitment and tenacity in her training over the years which should not be overlooked. Last year Shaz missed the cutoff and was thrown out of the event. This year the goal was to break 6 hours and finish the event. She finished in 5.22hrs and quite deserves AOTM, she worked very hard for her result. Check out her race report here.

This months nominees were:

Colleen Byrne who placed 2nd in her age group 25-29’s with a 3.45 hours…. Amazing race considering camp was her first ever triathlon.

Heather McKenzie also put in an impressive performance placed 4th in the very competitive 30-34’s with a 3.39hrs and now Miss Chatterbox has some confidence with how good she can be.

Mike O’Brien another newbie is hooked, fullstop. He broke 4 hours with a 3.57hrs on his first outing with the team.

James Cresswell proved at camp how much courage he has and it is no surprise he was first from the team in a 3.20hrs, Coach is backing this kid to go mid 10 hours next year in IM.

Damien Byrne beat his sister, thats all was required 🙂 and went 3.35hrs which is very impressive as Damo has only just comeback in to training. Check out Damo’s race report here.

Doc is another one hooked, he went 4.15hrs and does ALL HIS training out of Riyadh and up until 8 months ago, had no idea of Triathlon. A very very impressive result Doctor Hisham.
Lea…. was sick and has been working hard long hours with travel. It was a concern that she would not get through the event yet, raced in 4.45hrs with a smile I wager. Huge respect as we know Lea’s working hours are demanding.