TT2A Athlete of the Month :: May 2013

There was a surprise package in May and it was a undisputed decision by the committee that this months AOTM should be…

May 2013
TT2A Athlete of the Month

Anders Strandburg

Another great performance on debut at this distance, Anders took part in IM 70.3 Mallorca and produced a solid performance in all three disciplines, in particular the run, he ran a 1:37 half marathon off the bike which the more than average man would struggle to do fresh. Anders has reaped the rewards from training with CP over the last 12 months and has honed his talents to become an around menace in the swim, bike, run and you can read Ander’s race report here 🙂

Let’s not forget the other nomination for May AOTM, a special case, another Captain, THE Captain, but that’s a different story…