TT2A Athlete of the Month :: July 2013

July was a busy month for the Ironman athletes of the team racing in Europe, first with one of the team’s favourite races – Challenge Roth followed by Ironman Switzerland at the end of the month. Both fantastic races in green and pleasant lands and both quite challenging courses, although Switzerland presents more hills on the bike than Roth.

Nominees for July AOTM are:

Andy Veall finished Roth in a respectable 12:35:16 in his first event of this distance, recovering from a stress fracture earlier in the year and training around the pressures of work Andy finished the event – but he needs to work on his transitions, check out his race report 🙂

Mike O’Brien had a great day out at Roth, his second ironman distance race, it was a breeze compared to his first Ironman Melbourne back in May. A well deserved, and massive PB on this course.

James Cresswell raced Ironman Switzerland, his second Ironman and he was in good form leading into the race and he performed very well on a hard day.

Peter Faulhaber raced Ironman Switzerland and it was his first Ironman event and what an outstanding performance on debut on a hot and tough course, but we know Peter opts for the tougher races after a sterling performance at Timberman 70.3 last year. Peter was in fantasic form and had trained hard and was happy leading up the event.

Piers Constable as always buries himself come race day and he didn’t fail to pull another outstanding performance out of the bag at Roth (10:03:29) only minutes off that elusive 9-hour club, read his very honest race report summing up his day here.

Tony Hahaime finished his second ironman event in 13:38:29. You can read his race report which is an endurance event in itself.

Paulo Costa finished his first event at this distance in 12:40:08 with a smile which is always worth a nomination, having fun is what this is all about.

July 2013
TT2A Athlete of the Month

It was a tough call between Jimmy and Peter – an outstanding race by both and a great race to follow. Their results speak for themselves…

James is one of the ‘progressive’ swimmers of the team 🙂 and he came out of the water (1:32:02), 10mins after Peter (1:22:48), they had a similar bike Peter rode 6:09:22 with Jimmy 6:05:06 recovering 4mins on the bike and a further 30secs in transition. It all came down to the run, and this from a ‘online tracker’ spectators perspective was the fun bit, what we didn’t know is that Peter and Jimmy could see each other on the run as it was a looped course and James recovered a further 5mins on the run, he clawed his way back to pip Peter by 1min and 7secs. I would recommend that you read Peter’s race report for an account of his race – featuring Jimmy 🙂

Now I have made out the whole affair to be a competition between Peter and Jimmy, and from where we were sat watching here in Dubai it was… but out in the field they showed camaraderie and encouragement for each other – in true TT2A style, which makes them both Athlete of the Month as well as fantastic triathletes. Brilliant 🙂