TT2A racing :: Eton Team GB Sprint QF

How fast time passes, it’s a year since Jimmy, Zoe and me were up in London doing this very same race, Eton Sprint Triathlon – it’s a great course. As always it’s a loaded field for the Team GB hopefuls to qualify to race in the Worlds. This year the Worlds are in Mexico and there’s a game changer for the sprint racing, its draft legal and conventional bikes only.

This year we have Alison and James Grinnell racing. They love ITU racing as does Coach so a great pair to get in the team after ITU Worlds Chicago last year.

I personally am very excited to see them race this one again this year, Alison placed second in F40-44 last year with an outright QF, and James had to wait with anticipation for a roll down place which he got.

Getting in Team GB certainly isn’t a walk up start. This year Alison faces the darlings of British age group racing so she’s got a fight on her hands, and James has former British Triathlete Richard “the Fish” Stannard in his AG which is a bit rum as it’ll make it a tad more difficult to be within the 115% of the winner for the roll down if James doesn’t place top 4 outright.

Alison wave start W40+ @  9:20am (GMT)

James wave start M40+ @ 10:20am (GMT)

Go Grinnells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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