TT2A racing :: Vietnam 70.3 ‘Live tracking!’

Today we have a gaggle of T2A over in Vietnam racing just now and it’s very exciting!!! Some great swims by all so far… Kirsty Lewis swam 36, Anders Strandberg 34, Ben 31,Sam McCone 30, and Chris Sellar 29. Whats remarkable is that’s a copy paste for each of them over the recent 1.9km TT’s in the pool… Fab!!

Ben Walton biked 2.33 and 3.08hrs off the bike total with Chris Sellar 2.27 and 3 hours flat start of run. Sellar starts the run in 7th place AG 35-39 with Ben Walton in 12th AG 30-34. Both can run so this could get emotional. Anders biked 2:40 and 3:19 off the bike moved up a place to 10th in AG 50-54.. Sam biked 2:53 with 3:30 off the bike. Both can also run! Just got Kirsty to come in off the bike whilst the others are into their 21km’s of hot trotting 🙂

Kirsty is off the bike 3:06 and 3:47 off the bike total heading out onto the run…

Chris Sellar cementing 5th at 15km marker, top 4 have it sewn up. 5th is a real result against those Aussies racing there. Although… a Spaniard only 1 minute back in 6th. Go Chris Sellar, gotta hold him… with 5km to go!!!

Ben is cruising through the run with 5km to go..

Sellar’s in with 5th M35-39 BOOM!!!! 4:38:56 🙂
Ben’s in…. 7th M30-34 BOOM!!!! 4:46:57 🙂

Still out on the course.. Anders, Sam & Kirsty… all ticking away through the run.. Estimated finish times on current running form Anders 5:19; Sam 5:42 and Kirsty 5;56..

Anders has landed the plane ahead of schedule… in 5:17:45 giving him 5th place in M50-54 😉

Sam’s in held on the a consistent run pace for the back end and came in on 5:41:48 🙂 on 5-weeks training. Well done!!!

Kirsty is in her last 5km on her first 70.3 in Nam 🙂 … Come on girl.. finish it !!!!!

Kirsty is finished in 5:55:59 🙂 Well done [applause] 🙂

Great racing guys!!!! Next stop Durban 70.3 in 1-month!