TT2A racing :: Eton Team GB Sprint QF

How fast time passes, it’s a year since Jimmy, Zoe and me were up in London doing this very same race, Eton Sprint Triathlon – it’s a great course. As always it’s a loaded field for the Team GB hopefuls to qualify to race in the Worlds. This year the Worlds are in Mexico and there’s a game changer for the sprint racing, its draft legal and conventional bikes only.

This year we have Alison and James Grinnell racing. They love ITU racing as does Coach so a great pair to get in the team after ITU Worlds Chicago last year.

I personally am very excited to see them race this one again this year, Alison placed second in F40-44 last year with an outright QF, and James had to wait with anticipation for a roll down place which he got.

Getting in Team GB certainly isn’t a walk up start. This year Alison faces the darlings of British age group racing so she’s got a fight on her hands, and James has former British Triathlete Richard “the Fish” Stannard in his AG which is a bit rum as it’ll make it a tad more difficult to be within the 115% of the winner for the roll down if James doesn’t place top 4 outright.

Alison wave start W40+ @  9:20am (GMT)

James wave start M40+ @ 10:20am (GMT)

Go Grinnells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2016 Eton Sprint Race website & 2016 Eton Sprint Results

TT2A racing :: IM 70.3 St Pölten

We are very excited today to see three of the team take on one of the first races in the 2016 Tri season in Europe in Austria at Ironman 70.3 St Pölten. It’s an interesting course. The swim is in 2 freshwater lakes with a 200m run between, the bike course is not flat by any means. A 1-lap bike course with altitude of 1024m over 90km with two climbs after 25km and 65km just to sap the legs a tad before the 2-lap run along the river Traisen.

It’s very exciting to see Moo, Chicago and Amertime racing again Live Tracking!

Marcella Moohan F40-44 (No.412)

Can’t wait to see how Moo gets on today. She’s been in the the team since 2012 and has raced consistently over OD distance in the local races, no stranger to half ironman distance either, her first being IM 70.3 Mallorca in May 2014, Dubai International Triathlon in Nov 2014, IM 70.3 Bahrain in Dec 2015 and now another race in May… I see a pattern developing here 🙂 She’s certainly in good form on the bike… can’t wait to see this race unfold. Go Moo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glen Osmond M45-49 (No.1759)

The last time I saw Glen was in Chicago last September when he put in a superb performance over the ITU World Championship Sprint Distance finishing 15th in the very competitive M40-45 field. Looks like he’s just moved up an age group too. I know Chicago has been a sprint racer for years but I also know he did pull an impressive performance over the half distance in IM 70.3 Budapest in 2014. Has raced 70.3 previously, dabbling in 2011 in Phuket and interestingly Glen has raced IM St. Pölten in 2011.

Amer Alaily M35-39 (No.1178)

No stranger to this race…it’s Amers 4th outing in St. Pölten. Racing previously in 2011, 2012, 2014. Amer and Glen are long standing pals so it’s good to see them reunited and racing again 🙂 I remember the first time Amer raced here.. not the result he was after with an Amertime on the run, anyway he’s certainly not scared of falling on his sword, and finally cracked it in 2014. We love watching Amer race as you never know what you’re going to get. Have a great race Amer 🙂

TT2A racing :: Vietnam 70.3 ‘Live tracking!’

Today we have a gaggle of T2A over in Vietnam racing just now and it’s very exciting!!! Some great swims by all so far… Kirsty Lewis swam 36, Anders Strandberg 34, Ben 31,Sam McCone 30, and Chris Sellar 29. Whats remarkable is that’s a copy paste for each of them over the recent 1.9km TT’s in the pool… Fab!!

Ben Walton biked 2.33 and 3.08hrs off the bike total with Chris Sellar 2.27 and 3 hours flat start of run. Sellar starts the run in 7th place AG 35-39 with Ben Walton in 12th AG 30-34. Both can run so this could get emotional. Anders biked 2:40 and 3:19 off the bike moved up a place to 10th in AG 50-54.. Sam biked 2:53 with 3:30 off the bike. Both can also run! Just got Kirsty to come in off the bike whilst the others are into their 21km’s of hot trotting 🙂

Kirsty is off the bike 3:06 and 3:47 off the bike total heading out onto the run…

Chris Sellar cementing 5th at 15km marker, top 4 have it sewn up. 5th is a real result against those Aussies racing there. Although… a Spaniard only 1 minute back in 6th. Go Chris Sellar, gotta hold him… with 5km to go!!!

Ben is cruising through the run with 5km to go..

Sellar’s in with 5th M35-39 BOOM!!!! 4:38:56 🙂
Ben’s in…. 7th M30-34 BOOM!!!! 4:46:57 🙂

Still out on the course.. Anders, Sam & Kirsty… all ticking away through the run.. Estimated finish times on current running form Anders 5:19; Sam 5:42 and Kirsty 5;56..

Anders has landed the plane ahead of schedule… in 5:17:45 giving him 5th place in M50-54 😉

Sam’s in held on the a consistent run pace for the back end and came in on 5:41:48 🙂 on 5-weeks training. Well done!!!

Kirsty is in her last 5km on her first 70.3 in Nam 🙂 … Come on girl.. finish it !!!!!

Kirsty is finished in 5:55:59 🙂 Well done [applause] 🙂

Great racing guys!!!! Next stop Durban 70.3 in 1-month!

TT2A racing :: St George 70.3

Piers has been flying the T2A flag stateside in the St. George 70.3 which is the North American Pro Championship Race so as you can expect it was a stacked field. Anyway, Piers came 8th in his AG 45-49 [applause] 😀

St George-Piers Results

Great racing of course but there’s a few things I learn from Piers racing…

No.1 America is massive… I always have to consult the map on the location of his race… This time Utah, so he’s a country mile from Las VegasSt George-Piers Map

No. 2 There are some amazing courses in spectacular landscape out there

St George bike course

No.3 Race times vary wildly on difference courses. Piers is fairly consistent athlete, he swims, he bikes and runs strong. I noticed his overall time was a bit off his usual times. So now I have always learnt to study the course profile and really try to understand the elevations. St. George is not an easy course. Challenging bike AND run 🙂

St George bike profile

St George run profile

St George-Piers Finish

Next stop Australia… or maybe a few more in US first?? Watch this space…