Stop press!!! Piers did 9:39:48 in Arizona

He biked 4:54:21… 180km. Just think about that for a moment

A few words from PC himself post race “Such a hard day at the office. A long way from the perfect race but if I’d been offered 9.39 at the start I’d have grabbed it with both hands and headed off to the burger tent. I had such a miserable time on the run I made a pact with myself never to do another Ironman. I think a bit of reflection is needed once the dust has settled and I can walk again. Thanks to everyone who followed me today – no easy task when many of my friend were in time zones 7-11 hours ahead of AZ. Now off for that burger, and maybe even a cheeky beer2015_IM_Arizona_PC


PC came to his senses a few hours later and his Ironman racing career is back on! He knows he can go faster… Which one will it be I wonder?