TT2A racing :: USAT Age Group Nationals, Milwaukee

Good luck to Glen this weekend in Milwaukee in the US Nationals on Sunday. This race takes in the Top 25 over the line to qualify for the USA team for next years Worlds.

You can call this an “A” race I guess for Glen 🙂 Glen likes pressure, some do and some don’t and as a coach, I understand most of you quite well when it comes to racing pressure.

So electric transitions. Swim with aggression as the start is on as you know. Biking red line telling yourself every 5 mins you have a fast T2 and 20 mins of running all out and its over. It’s 60 mins of threshold so don’t look back, only forward. That 60 mins will feel like nothing in comparison to the 60 days of hell if you flunk. You know how to race, just like London mate. All American state wrestling again…

Enjoy it Glen, this time next year we are team mate vs team mate stuff. USA vs AUS, you yanks have no chance to be fair.