Newbie guide to le Tour de France. Jerseys & prizes


Yellow The big one.  This is for the overall winner measured on total time

Green – Awarded for the most points (points are awarded based on finish position in each stage, plus in sprints in the middle of each stage).  Previously the best all-rounder, now more oriented to the best sprinter, but still requires that sprinter to get over the hills and finish with the main bunch on the hilly stages

White Same rules as the yellow but for riders 25 years old or younger

Polka Dot Points are awarded at the top of every categorized climb, so should be the best climber.  The bigger the mountain, the higher the points.  Stages which finish at the top of a climb normally have even more points

Combativity Award – the most aggressive rider on each stage voted by a jury – normally a guy in the breakaway

Team Classification – taken on the time of the best 3 riders from a team each day

by Stuart ‘Clip’ Caunt