TdT Stage 1 :: Point score

Point score with best 3 results from team counts Coach :: Orica Green Edge 20 points Sellar :: Sky Racing 19 points Piers :: Black/Nomads 19 points Colleen :: Orica Green Edge 19 points Zoe :: Orica Green edge 18

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points Jimmy :: Sky racing 17 points Karl :: Black/Nomads 16points Andy :: Sky racing 15 points Ben :: Sky racing 14 points Anders :: BMC/Nomads 13 points Tron :: Quick Step Systems/Nomads 12 points Sharon :: Orica Green Edge 10 points Allan :: Orica Green Edge 10 points Sam :: Livestrong/Nomads 10 points Suz :: Orica Green Edge 10 points Stuey :: Sky Racing 10 points Team Classifications (which only counts) 1st :: Orica Green Edge 57 points 2nd :: Sky Racing Systems 51 points 3rd :: Black/Nomads 48 points