TdT Stage 1 ‘Classic’ 150km – Orica Green Edge Victory

16 riders entered the Tour de Toot Al Qudra Stage 1 Classic 150km. Teams registered: Orica 6 athletes, BMC/Black Nomads 4 athletes, Sky System 5 athletes and CSC racing 1 athlete.

The TdT Stage 1 victory was taken by Orica Green Edge, the team tactically worked to hold off Chris Sellar, Sky and Piers Constable, Black Nomad. The other teams were blown apart in the wake…


Andy V, Sky ‘that was a hardcore ride! blew to pieces at 105km in. Stuey set off like a rocket from the get go. first 2 laps were awesome, last one sucked big time! the cresswellians were outstanding!’

Anders, BMC ‘Good thing I put the disc wheel on since I believe it’s most efficient at 18-20km/hr….’

Tron, CSC ‘Never suffered on a bike like that before. 150k mostly solo in that heat smashed me all over the place. I now remember why I was a short course athlete… Great morning, was all in from the gun, that said some of you lot are so strong it’s frightening. Cheers team, already looking forward to next weeks TT’

Jason Metters, Orica Green Edge ‘Colleen Byrne, Suz Newton and Zoe Cresswell are 3 very strong girls, very strong. Best thing I ever did was sign Orica. They were freight trains, complete team players. Im sorry Sharon and Allan, trust me, they were thoroughbreds and nothing under 35kph was in their vocabulary.’

Looking forward the TdT Stage 2 – Team TT over 80km to be held next week…