TT2A Athlete of the Month :: February 2013

You thought February was a quiet month? No… There were three local triathlon races in February, Mamzar Park on 1st February, Tri Yas on 8th February and Aerofit on 22nd February and we had contenders in both Sprint and Olympic Distance categories.

There are a few new faces to the team who have not raced Tri Yas before such as Zoe, Colleen, Carla… and some who raced under others names i.e. Paul Venn did what would be an astonishing PB 2:09:47 in the Standard Distance. For those who didn’t know, and I don’t want to be the one to shatter the illusion, but Simon Marshall was racing incognito on 8th Feb 2013.

The nominations are:

Peter Faulhaber 1:19:02 – placed 10th male (Tri Yas Sprint)
Zoe Magrath 1:19:16 – placed 1st female (Tri Yas Sprint)
Amer Alaily 1:22:12 (Tri Yas Sprint) although Amer, as he will himself confess is currently off his usual form, he did a 1:14:37 in 2012, BUT one to watch as he is coming back, pulling some great performances out of the bag each week at Coach Dirt 🙂
Heather MacKenzie 1:24:02 (Tri Yas Sprint) a gutsy performance from Heather, placing 5th overall female and placed 3rd in AG. Heather backed up this performance and got on the podium in the Aerofit Sprint race placing 2nd later in the month
Colleen Byrne 1:25:10 (Tri Yas Sprint) no stranger to the podium – she placed in 3rd in AG. Colleen got on the podium AGAIN and placed 3rd in the Aerofit Sprint race
Sharon Ditchburn 1:51:27 (Tri Yas Sprint) she did a PB of 12 mins over last year (2:03:27)
Marci Moohan placed 7th overall in her first ever triathlon, the Supersports Sprint at Mamzar Park 1:33:20…. one to watch as the quiet achiever, a tough little cookie
Simon Marshall (time cannot be verified due to racing as someone else) 2:09:47 (Tri Yas Standard), however Marshall did finally get a 1st in the Aerofit Sprint race… an achievement worthy of nomination in itself
The Captain 2:15:40 (Tri Yas Standard) 1st in AG, nothing out of the ordinary for Captain, its harsh Capt. but you must try harder to get AOTM 🙂
James Cresswell 2:23:09 (Tri Yas Standard) another PB over his previous time on 2012 (2:31:48)
Capt J, the master of endurance turned out for a shorter distance race and probably hated every minute of it 2:25:27 (Tri Yas Standard)
Guy ‘Higgsy’ Higgs 2:25:38 (Tri Yas Standard) a bit off form but has ADIT, Suisse 70.3 and Austria IM to prove himself. He’ll be back on his game in no time 🙂
Carla Botha 2:44:32 (Tri Yas Standard) giving her 6th in AG, 16th overall in the Olympic Distance. Great race in preparation of IM 70.3 Texas
Q 1st female in Aerofit Sprint, finally getting a result after four years in the game 🙂
Guy Colghan 2:44:32 (Tri Yas Standard) we actually thought someone else was racing using National’s number as his time was well off his usual but learnt that  raced a few days after coming out of hospital which was reflected in his time – should probably be nominated for racing when most ill.

February 2013
TT2A Athlete of the Month
Zoe ‘the one armed bandit’ Magrath

(she’s so new to triathlon I can’t find a picture of her racing!)

What is remarkable is Tri Yas was Zoe’s first triathlon, on a brand new TT bike which she’d never ridden before but had managed to fall off to damaged her elbow right before the race – turning her into a one-armed-bandit! (although she can still manage to lift a glass) 🙂 A splendid performance – she has raised the bar high for herself and the other girls in the team. It was also noted that despite not being able to move her arm the next day she still rocked up to JBR and swam, and still ran like a gazelle at Coach Dirt later… to Andy Veall’s annoyance 🙂 A great new addition to the team 🙂