TT2A Racing :: Western Australia

Bussleton has become another favorite race of the team, a fast course although somewhat challenging with the Australian sun beating down on the marathon and – flies! Buzz…

We have Jeroen, Lisa, Ahmed, Timmy, Piers and Chief competing down under this weekend. They’re all in great shape, we saw the difference in Lisa and Ahmed at camp. Piers is in hard shape, Chief and Timmy very prepared and Capt J is entering his 4th IM with the team and is in great shape across all 3 sports. It promises to be a nice chat room as we all wake up to the team on the bike. It’s a 3am (UAE) start so, when we wake up at 7-ish or so, the crew are on the bike and we get to have a few coffees all relaxed as they begin the marathon 🙂 Busso is hot, expect emotion at the Pro level and our level. Fit athletes don’t get nervous, our team are NOT nervous 🙂

A State across and that same day, Captain Carl is racing the Australian QF event in Adelaide to try and make the team for the 2013 ITU World Champs in London. Chicago is already in for USA and we have a few more of the team looking to QF in the New Year 🙂