TT2A Racing :: Laguna Phuket ‘Classic’ Triathlon

On Sunday 25th November we have a contingent of the team over in Phuket participating in the Laguna Classic Triathlon. A favorite race of the team, and endorsed by Coach Pain as a perfect first race for the newbies the Laguna Triathlon proves a challenging race with a 1.8km swim, 55km bike and 12km run.

TT2A racers: Colleen Byrne, brother Damien Byrne, Heather MacKenzie, Sharon Ditchburn, Lea Lehtinen, James Cresswell, Hisham Alomran and Mike O’Brien. Race hard chaps, its a fun race, the whole event is fun – especially the post race celebrations!

Race start time 6:30am (GMT +7) and there may be ‘live’ tracking for this race go to