Flanners hot off the press….

Flanners’ race report from the ITU Sprint World Champs can be found here

Flanners, as much as you were down with your result at the time you raced in the 2012 World Triathlon Championships in a stacked Southern Hemisphere field. You were 4th Brit by the way and that alone is something that you should be proud of!!!
My old swim coach never rated an athlete on his result, he rated it off how hard the kid worked in training and gave in the event. I saw you mate on the run course, we gave it everything, it was an honour to be racing in the same event and same category as you Neil. Sitting in the swim pen 2 minutes before the gun was my entire reason why I came back, nothing beats that feeling, nothing!!!
Where do we go from here Flanners, we go Top 10 in Vegas next year 🙂 I don’t see a white flag and like Mr National says, this stuff inspires our team at any level they may be.
Your a legend mate, your a loyal friend and you are a team player.