TT2A Racing :: Triathlon Alpe D’Huez

We saw Piers Constable taking on the mighty Triathlon Alpe D’Huez in the French Alpes on 26th July. As the race orgainisers say it takes your breath away… quite literally I bet 🙂

The long course event is incredibly tough, much tougher than the short course, 3 times as long in fact 🙂 it covers a broad range of landscapes and the swim (2.2km), ride (115km) and run (22km) take every competitor through the entire gamut of human emotions.
The swim is in the pure waters of the Lac du Verney, located at an altitude of 700m followed by the bike leg which takes you to the summit of the Alpe d’Huez, at more than 1800m. The climb of the 21 legendary switchbacks to Alpe d’Huez is the main course of this Triathlon. Once the climb is over there’s just a 22 km loop to be run on the mountain at an altitude of 2000m – wow! 🙂

It seems Piers had a wonderful time up there in the mountains and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of this awesome race – find his race report here

TT2A Racing :: Challenge Roth Results

What a day!!! Some awesome performances from the team!!! Edward Hawkins’ dedication to training and all the hardwork paid off as he got a PB and crossed the finish line in 9:42:04 with Suisse hot on his heels in 9:46:19. Other brilliant results came from Ben Walton, Trudy Sturkenboom, Guy Higgs and Mark Stoleson to name but a few! 🙂 Lisa did an amazing 40-min PB in the swim only to suffer on the bike with stomache issues 🙁 She’ll be back to fight another day no worries! 🙂 Coach did what he does best – coach and talk. He clocked 47km on the run course as he coached every one of the team along and got some of us through in our darkest moments on that run… Brilliant, just brilliant 🙂 Some very emotional race reports can be found here. Full results can be found on the Challenge Roth website. Summary

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of results below:

Place AG Bib NR name AG Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Finish
40 292 Hawkins, Edward (GBR) M35 01:01:04 00:02:55 05:05:01 00:03:07 03:29:59 09:42:04
46 931 Attenhofer, Marc (SUI) M35 01:07:11 00:03:16 05:09:21 00:01:49 03:24:43 09:46:19
116 923 Walton, Ben (GBR) M30 01:01:55 00:02:31 05:37:58 00:03:22 03:29:14 10:14:59
93 912 Marshall, Simon (GER) M40 01:10:47 00:02:58 05:20:09 00:02:09 03:45:23 10:21:24
181 1986 Hunt, David (GBR) M45 01:17:51 00:04:36 05:59:38 00:03:59 03:55:33 11:21:36
187 1888 Higgs, Guy (GBR) M45 01:04:49 00:03:25 05:51:09 00:03:56 04:19:05 11:22:22
281 2276 Rynhoud, Gary (SUI) M40 00:57:04 00:03:58 05:44:38 00:02:37 04:35:29 11:23:43
18 641 Sturkenboom, Trudy (NZL) W25 01:19:34 00:03:10 06:00:08 00:02:44 04:23:05 11:48:39
425 2190 Dixon, Roy (ZIM) M40 01:11:39 00:04:39 06:29:50 00:05:27 04:33:01 12:24:34
427 2760 Stoleson, Mark (USA) M40 01:09:23 00:03:48 06:15:45 00:02:00 04:53:50 12:24:45
43 601 Newton, Suzanne (GBR) W35 01:17:56 00:04:23 06:41:41 00:05:31 04:29:47 12:39:16
335 1919 Alaily, Amer (LIB) M30 01:03:18 00:04:05 06:04:21 00:04:10 05:25:12 12:41:04
70 713 Foltyn, Simona (AUT) W30 01:35:28 00:05:00 06:25:10 00:03:14 04:48:41 12:57:31
425 3176 Routsi, Jari (FIN) M45 01:34:42 00:08:58 06:43:52 00:05:21 05:01:32 13:34:22
471 2857 Al Malki, Ahmed (OMA) M35 01:27:50 00:04:50 07:06:32 00:04:13 04:56:01 13:39:24
202 2964 Morgan, Stephen (GBR) M50 01:14:12 00:05:25 06:29:12 00:06:05 05:47:48 13:42:40
486 3125 Moolman, Johan (RSA) M35 01:13:24 00:06:12 07:04:22 00:03:59 06:10:02 14:37:56
805 Fenton, Lisa (OMA) W40 01:24:26 00:06:14

TT2A Racing :: Challenge Roth

We have a huge team contingent travelling for an Ironman race… even Coach can’t miss this one!!! TT2A are making the pilgrimage to Roth to take part in the fantastic Challenge race. Many of the team past and present have participated in this event and it’s a clear favorite on the race calendar 🙂

King Edward, Marshie, Johan, Suisse, Q, Higgsey, Capt. Kona, Gazza, Lisa, Ahmed, Amer, Stoli, Trudz, Simona, Jari, Hunty, Stevie and Ben have all trained hard and are ready to smash it on the 8th July 2012 in Bravaria 😀

You can track the team on race day via the Challenge website

TT2A Athletes of the Month :: June 2012

JUNE 2012


Simon Marshall

Jeroen Van Cauwenberghe

Simon Marshall travelled to Japan this month, flying the T2A flag in yet another country with the main objective – to secure a slot for Kona!!  Simon is currently in superb form, by far the fittest he’s ever been in all 3 sports.

Japan has some brilliant runners in the heat and humidity and it’s a technical bike course so Marshall really had to pull out all the stops in this race.

He started with a great swim – 26-mins. to put this into context, Marshman was only 5-mins behind the Pro’s which is very very impressive as this time last year the Pro’s were swimming 12-mins into him!

Simon Marshall moved up the field from 34th out of the water to 5th off the bike. Simon ran to 2nd place in his AG40-44.  It materialised that Simon was in the lead at 12km, and had a complete war with 1st place and ran 1.23 for the 1/2 marathon to only to be beaten by 12 seconds!

Simon has taken Team T2A up to the elite end of the sport here. There were 300 athletes alone in his age group and he placed 27th out of 1800 athletes. A massive result, he said it was the greatest race sporting moment of his life and rode as hard as he could on a hilly, technical bike to storm into the lead.

Team, those who are new have to understand that this guy could not swim to save himself 3 years ago…a perfect example of hard work ethic, believing in his team and coach and NEVER EVER giving up. Simon did not just become good, he works damn hard. Simon Marshall smashed it in Japan and has the team including Coach in complete awe 🙂

Simon Marshall has qualified for Kona again this year…

Capt J is no stranger to the same dilemmas we all face when trying to fit our Ironman training in around our daily lives, family, work, friends and the Dubai weather. Capt. J regularly flies long haul to US which takes him away for days on end, however J has adapted his training to suit his schedule – along with his bike!

Some of you may know Capt J has a crazy fold up bike with wittle wheels and aero bars small enough to fit in a suitcase which he takes with him to do his long rides out on the open roads in Texas, Utah, Arizona, etc. whilst he’s over there. There really is no stopping some 🙂

Now, this is actually a belated AOTM as Capt J went under the radar in May and unbeknown to most of the team, he raced Ironman St George in Utah which is considered one of the toughest Ironman courses around.  Capt J didn’t use his crazy little fold up bike for the event itself but it certainly drew a lot of attention the day before!

Unfortunately there was an issue with J’s timing chip on race day and he had to email his training data to Ironman HQ in US to get his time verified. So it is now official…

 Capt J completed Ironman St George in a fantastic 10.37hrs!!!! This is a 1-hr PB for J in horrific conditions. The Pro’s were 1-hr off their PB’s whereas  J went an 1-hr faster. Only a handful broke 10-hrs in the entire field, a tough day at the office for sure.  Coach has admitted that this is one of the best results he has ever coached 🙂

Capt J missed Kona by 1 spot 🙁

You can read Capt J’s race report here and J’s racing again on 11th August in Ironman NYC. Another one to watch 🙂

TT2A Racing :: IM Austria Result!

Matt Warnock has had a fantastic day out in Austria and raced in to the 10 hour club with seconds to spare.. 10:59:47. Way to go Matt!!! It was a hot day at the office by all accounts, the whole team were glued to the tracker and you stuck to your times like clockwork – you are a machine.. Oh and YOU ARE AN IRONMAN (again) 🙂  Well done, we’re all very very proud 🙂

TT2A Racing :: IM Austria

Today we have Matt Warnock (806) racing in Klagenfurt, Austria 🙂 Live Tracker

It’s going to be a hot day out there with a weather forecast of highs of 35 degrees and 0% chances of rain. Matt should be able to handle those temperatures most than most coming from Dubai… It’s a non-wetsuit swim and Matt has just swam 55:13!!! He’s up there with the Pro’s and leading his AG 30-34 out of the water..

1 (1) Molnar Adam 43 MPRO HUN Swim 00:50:49
2 (2) Graves Philip 2 MPRO GBR Swim 00:50:50
3 (3) Csoke Balazs 37 MPRO HUN Swim 00:50:52
4 (4) Al-Sultan Faris 1 MPRO GER Swim 00:50:57
5 (5) Fontana Daniel 5 MPRO ITA Swim 00:50:57
6 (6) Horner Kent 40 MPRO RSA Swim 00:50:58
13 (13) Fachbach Markus 4 MPRO GER Swim 00:54:15
14 (1) Eugl Markus 1240 M35 AUT Swim 00:55:10
15 (1) Warnock Matt 806 M30 GBR Swim 00:55:13