TT2A Racing :: IM Japan 70.3

Hi Team,
Well, this weekend we have Simon Marshall furthering our cause in Japan is where we can find him Sunday morning from 4am. As some of you have seen of late, Simon is in superb form, by far the fittest I have seen him in all 3 sports.
Now, this race has Kona slots so why beat around the bush, that is what we are shooting for. In order to do this, Sime has to really put on a show. Japan has some brilliant runners in the humidity. It’s a technical course and very warm out there however, Marshall goes ok in the heat and the technical side can assist for the run as it slows the bike down. Anyway, let’s see how we do here Sime. Some of us will be watching 🙂
Goodluck Marshman and thanks for flying the T2A flag in yet another country!!
On a personal note having raced in Japan a few dozen times, I love the place. They put on a perfect event and the scenery is brilliant. Complete perfectionist’s!!!