TT2A Racing :: UK National Sprint QF & Edinburgh Marathon

This weekend we have the 3 Amigos racing the UK National Sprint Championships… Silver Fox, Matty and Flanners will be racing UK’s best to see if they can get a slot into the very competitive GB team for the 2012 ITU World Championships. Guy’s, I was there in January as you know, there is only one way to race this.. A to B all in. 60mins of pain boy’s, that’s all I am asking. You can only give me your best, do that and wherever we end up, I am happy. There is some fast boys up there but you guys can go as well. We have spoken privately guys, you know what we have to do. Don’t let me go to NZ on my own…
Jordo is racing the Edinburgh marathon this weekend and we have our private goals. Of course this is strictly between me and Craig as we try and take on Hunty’s 3.16 marathon he did in Dubai and, you all know I hate stacking athletes up against one another so
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I will make sure that our private goal that Craig and I have is strictly between us 🙂 Don’t let Hunty walk around with that grin he has of late Craig, do something about it this weekend!!

Best of luck guys, your all in very good shape and you all know that as does the team who have been watching you.
Just give me your best, it’s all I ask. Coach 🙂