TT2A Racing :: Austria – Lebanon – UK

This weekend will see Amer taking on Europe’s best in the Austrian 70.3 on Sunday, you can track him on if it works 🙂 Amer is in great shape, some of you who train on CoachDirt know how much Amer has improved on his running and maturity in racing. We are looking for a PB off last years event and a solid training/racing practice for Roth when he competes.
Hammer races in Beirut this weekend and I am convinced there is huge prize money here as he has been so silent on these two Lebanese events, something is up there 🙂 Go for it Hammer, they wont touch you and make sure you mention the team in your television schedule post race 🙂
Lastly, we have Flanners racing Sunday in the 1st of 3 UK qualifiers for a berth in the 2012 Great Britain squad for the ITU World Championship’s in New Zealand. Hopefully, he will be joining Didge and myself who have qualified for Ireland and Australia. I can’t think of anything more emotional then lining up beside Neil in October racing against one another for real. Like I say, I will teach him everything he needs to know but not quite everything I know 🙂
Next week, we have the UK Nationals which will be the 2nd QF event with Matty Boom Boom and Ian the Silver Fox racing there for the 30-34’s and 35-39’s along with Flanners who is racing 40-44’s of course.
Some big pressure races coming up as you can see here for our team, there all in superb shape but like I say guys, just qualify here as we have 5 months until the World Championships. Your all fit enough and fast enough to take on this UK lot, remember that!