TT2A Athlete of the Month :: May 2012

May! This month has been an important month for ITU QF races in UK. Following up on Coach’s official confirmation that he has been selected for the Australian AG Team, and Didge’s automatic qualification after her sterling result at the Worlds last year backed up with her recent result at the ETU Championship in April, Flanners, Matty and Ian went to try their luck in a loaded field in Milton Keynes. We also saw Craig Jordan absolutely smash his marathon PB time in Edinburgh. Other team members racing included Roy, wowing his home crowd in Beirut, Ali and Amer taking part in Austria 70.3. The rest of the team has continued to flog themselves on the long rides training up to Roth and we had our second camp of the year, and certainly not one for the faint hearted the annual ‘Sweat Camp’…

So without further ado, the Committee has spoken this months AOTM is… [fanfare]

MAY 2012


Ian ‘The Silver Fox’ Le Pelley

Ian Le Pelley – for his performance in the QF race at the Big Cow National Sprint Championships, placing 4th in AG 35-39 securing his place in TeamAG GB. Ian has been training with the QF race in mind and has had already had some other great performances this year. Not a stranger to AOTM, Ian was nominated in February for his performance in Sri Lanka winning his AG in the 70.3. Only a minute or so behind Coach in his QF time we shall look forward to see how much Ian can improve, training with his fellow Sprint Masters in the lead up to the Worlds 🙂

Craig Jordan – Edinburgh Marathon (3:11)
Craig has been plugging away at his running taking a 25-mins PB. He has really taken on board the need to focus, plan, prepare and execute the race…. 3:11 is a top time!!! This is the closest battle for AOTM, but the triathlon result gets it. Not taking anything away from Jordo, Ian 4th placing is pretty incredible considering the talent pool in the UK.

Matt Warnock – UK National Sprint Championships
Matt, the swimmer of the team has definitely shown all round improvement in all disciplines since joining the team last year. 16th in AG 30-34 delivering an impressive 1:04:36 a PB by 0:03:52 🙂 Well done Matt.. Look forward to seeing you improve some more.

Neil Flanagan – UK National Sprint Championships
Somewhat in shock from the cold of his debut UK race to week before the Big Cow race, Neil pulled out a 10th in AG 40-44 with another PB 1:05:16 taking a whopping 0:06:10 off over such a short distance… Amazing 🙂

Amer Alaily – IM Austria 70.3
Amer had a settle to score with IM Austria 70.3, he returned to tackle the course again and showed maturity again and smashed it with control – 5:28 Awesome! 🙂

Roy Nasr – Lebanon International Triathlon
Somewhat an ambassador of the sport in his home turf, Roy returned home and won the Lebanon International Triathlon in style and being the celebrity he is, bagged a TV interview to boot 🙂 Keep up the good work Roy, we look forward to seeing you out in the paddock soon 🙂

Ali ‘The Tiger’ Tabbal – IM Austria 70.3

Another great performance from the Tiger… snook in under the radar with a great result of 5:04.. Another solid performance for Tiger 🙂

TT2A :: QF for ITU AG Sprint World Championships

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to all the TT2A athletes who have qualified to represent their respective countries in the ITU AG Sprint World Championships taking place in New Zealand in October 2012 🙂

Jason Metters 40-44 Australia
Neil Flanagan 40-44 GB
Ian Le Pelley 35-39 GB
Matt Warnock 30-34 GB
Deirdre Casey 30-34 IRE
Roy Nasr 45-49 LEB
Finn Zwager 45-49 NDL

Some tough training ahead for those guys and I’m sure there’ll be a few willing souls that’ll sacrifice themselves to train with them in the lead up to the big day!!! 🙂


TT2A :: Edinburgh Marathon

The travelling triathlete Craig Jordon took the gauntlet laid down by Coach Pain to better his arch rival’s marathon time this weekend, in the Edinburgh Marathon. Unbeknown to us, Craig was tasked to break Hunty’s impressive 3:16 run in the Dubai Marathon in January earlier this year. Well, the incentive clearly worked, Craig flogged himself and got a PB by 25-mins – running an outstanding 3:11

Hat’s off to that man… he certainly rose to the challenge 😉

Read the race report here

TT2A :: ‘Big Cow’ UK Sprint Triathlon Championships 2012

This weekend we saw 3 of our top guys racing in the UK National Qualifiers at the Big Cow British Sprint Triathlon Championship 2012 (750m swim/20k cycle/5k run) in Milton Keynes on 27-May-2012.

Ian placed 4th which means he qualifies for TeamAG GB and will be joining Coach in New Zealand later in the year… Matt and Neil placed 16th and 10th in their respective AG so we will have to wait and see if they get a roll down spot. Fantastic times by all, it’s amazing how competitive the UK field is!!! Check out the results overall and see how you’d fair kids results 🙂 May I also note the overall winner was from Manchester…. The city of Champions

  total swim t1 bike t2 run
Ian ‘The Silver Fox’ le Pelley 01:01:39 00:09:50 00:00:45 00:31:19 00:00:39 00:19:04
Swimmer Matt 01:04:36 00:09:53 00:01:03 00:31:22 00:00:50 00:21:26
Flanners 01:05:16 00:11:19 00:00:55 00:32:00 00:00:44 00:20:16

TT2A :: Last Weekends Results

Tiger went 5.04hrs and I now know he is training secretly 🙂 Amer raced a perfect session for Roth and followed the game plan to the minute for a 5.28hrs with a perfect run.. Spoke to Amer and he was super pleased with his result and on a coaching perspective, Amer had a very mature smart race. Also heard from the Tiger who was most pleased and commented on the tough bike.. it must be tough if the Tiger says so!!! I’m hoping I can lock the Tiger back for a major ASAP!!! Ironman Austria 70.3 on 20th May 2012 Results
Hammer won the Nationals in Lebanon. Congratulations Hammer!!! 🙂
Flanners has placed 11th in the qualifiers out of 40 of the UK’s best and I would say combining next weeks event, he will make the team as they take 20 athletes in each age group. Flanners is happy, and we are yet to chat properly for our UK Nationals this week.
Great racing from the team again 🙂

TT2A Racing :: UK National Sprint QF & Edinburgh Marathon

This weekend we have the 3 Amigos racing the UK National Sprint Championships… Silver Fox, Matty and Flanners will be racing UK’s best to see if they can get a slot into the very competitive GB team for the 2012 ITU World Championships. Guy’s, I was there in January as you know, there is only one way to race this.. A to B all in. 60mins of pain boy’s, that’s all I am asking. You can only give me your best, do that and wherever we end up, I am happy. There is some fast boys up there but you guys can go as well. We have spoken privately guys, you know what we have to do. Don’t let me go to NZ on my own…
Jordo is racing the Edinburgh marathon this weekend and we have our private goals. Of course this is strictly between me and Craig as we try and take on Hunty’s 3.16 marathon he did in Dubai and, you all know I hate stacking athletes up against one another so
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I will make sure that our private goal that Craig and I have is strictly between us 🙂 Don’t let Hunty walk around with that grin he has of late Craig, do something about it this weekend!!

Best of luck guys, your all in very good shape and you all know that as does the team who have been watching you.
Just give me your best, it’s all I ask. Coach 🙂

TT2A Racing :: Austria – Lebanon – UK

This weekend will see Amer taking on Europe’s best in the Austrian 70.3 on Sunday, you can track him on if it works 🙂 Amer is in great shape, some of you who train on CoachDirt know how much Amer has improved on his running and maturity in racing. We are looking for a PB off last years event and a solid training/racing practice for Roth when he competes.
Hammer races in Beirut this weekend and I am convinced there is huge prize money here as he has been so silent on these two Lebanese events, something is up there 🙂 Go for it Hammer, they wont touch you and make sure you mention the team in your television schedule post race 🙂
Lastly, we have Flanners racing Sunday in the 1st of 3 UK qualifiers for a berth in the 2012 Great Britain squad for the ITU World Championship’s in New Zealand. Hopefully, he will be joining Didge and myself who have qualified for Ireland and Australia. I can’t think of anything more emotional then lining up beside Neil in October racing against one another for real. Like I say, I will teach him everything he needs to know but not quite everything I know 🙂
Next week, we have the UK Nationals which will be the 2nd QF event with Matty Boom Boom and Ian the Silver Fox racing there for the 30-34’s and 35-39’s along with Flanners who is racing 40-44’s of course.
Some big pressure races coming up as you can see here for our team, there all in superb shape but like I say guys, just qualify here as we have 5 months until the World Championships. Your all fit enough and fast enough to take on this UK lot, remember that!