Hatta Hills

Today we witnessed a monumental turnout from TT2A (26 I believe) for the fantastic Hatta Hills ride.

Under the precision organisation of Mr National it was, as always a brilliant morning riding followed by the legendary breakfast at the Hatta Fort Hotel… pork sausages & bacon.. Mmmm… Hands up if breakfast isn’t the main driver as you’re pushing on up Generator Hill 🙂

The ride was split into 3 packs today – Tunnel One for the Newbies and those short on time, Tunnel Two for the more adventurous and the Monster ride that is Kalba & the Two Tunnels for the hardcore of the team. We have a new King of the Mountain today… Suisse was the first to doth his cap for King Edward who smashed those hills today 🙂

Thanks to our support crew – safety drivers Claire and Sarah. It’s always great piece of mind knowing your there behind us and the ride wouldn’t be the success it is without you. Thanks again 🙂