TT2A Racing :: Tri Yas Abu Dhabi

Friday 13th, unlucky for some. The UAE sees its first twilight triathlon down at the fantastic Yas Marina circuit 🙂 There will be 2 distances, the sprint and the OD. There should be some PB’s out there today, everyone has been training hard these last few months and the conditions cannot get any better. We may even see some changes on the TT2A leaderboards? Both distances should be wicked races – how often do you get to ride your bike round an F1 circuit. Marvelous. So pimp up your bikes guys – the race is on 😀

Distance Registered.Athlete Distance Registered.Athlete
Olympic – Wave 1 Ben Selier Sprint – Wave 4 David Hunt
Geln Omsond Ian Le Pelley
Paul Venn Amer Alaily
Andy Veall Neil Flanagan
Johan Moolman Stuart Caunt
Steve Morgan Sprint – Wave 5 Matt Warnock
Olympic – Wave 2 Paulo Costa Edward Hawkins
Guy Coghlan Sprint – Wave 6 Deidre Casey
Tony Hchaime Sharon Ditchburn
Peter Faulhaber Sprint – Wave 7 Craig Jordan
Olympic – Wave 3 Suzanne Newton
Trudy Sturkenboom
Anne Petersen
Marie O’Neill

For information about the event go here The weather has certainly been changable of late, someone defenatily turned up the oven as of last week and we saw some hideous sandstorm yesterday which hung around all day. Looking at the weather forecast that seems to clear and we have a delightful 33 degrees and clear… It’s going to be toasty out there Abu Dhabi weather forecast