T2A Racing :: Ironman Melbourne

Captain Carl is King…. racing an incredible 10.40hrs today in Melbourne 🙂

After what turned out to be a disastrous Ironman S.Korea in 2011 followed by a hernia operation, Coach went soft and took a pressureless approach for Capt.Carl in preparation for IM Melbourne today.
Coach and Capt knew what time they were shooting for and neither were about to spill the beans until after the gun went off so that Capt would have even less pressure going into the race. The apparent game plan was for Capt. Carl to prove he can run a marathon – and for those who dont know Carl is indeed a brilliant runner.

The target times were a 65min swim, 5.25 bike and a 4 hour run with 10mins combined with T1&T2.

Carl went 65mins, 5.18 and a 4.07 with 10min T1&T2. The Coach/Athlete combo were looking for sub 10.45hrs on a perfect day and they did better than that! They acheived 10.40hrs for an 8th placing in what many will see as the most competitive Ironman on the Age Group scene along with the Pro’s.
Coach can’t be happier with today’s result. Capt. Carl put together a race performance today hitting the targets set by Coach within minutes. Bring on next year when Capt. Carl breaks into the 60-64 AG – and being the youngest in the field will have a real shot at that Kona slot he’s been after 🙂

Capt. Carl really is a legend, one of the most popular and most positive guys in the team. A big thank you to both Carl & Noelene for everything they epitomise and congratulations on a superb result in Melbourne.