Today!!! Sri Lanka 70.3

Team T2A are out on the course in Sri Lanka as I type. A relatively small field for an Ironman event and Team T2A are smashing it. Ian Le Pelley was 5th out of the water overall in 28:01….. 4 Pro’s in front of him, he’s currently leading his AG 35-39 and is on the run. Unfortunately we’re not seeing the spilts on the athlete tracker so we have to wait for further updates from Sri Lanka to see how he’s getting on…

We have Didge and Piers out there as or eyes and ears on the ground and of course you can track all athletes on the Ironman website

Racing today include (all out on the run): Hammer (leading AG M45-49), Janey (leading AG F35-39), Jay ‘Faris’ Grant, JT, Seano, Stevo (4th in AG M50-54, again showing some good running form of late), Higgsy, Jordo, Marshall (6th off the bike in AG M40-44 – that man can run so we expect to see him move up the field), Tim (currently 5th in AG M30-34), Elliot & Mitchel

& we have Marie in the 5150

More to come….

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