T2A Racing: RAK Half Marathon Results

The RAK Half Marathon is an unlikely location for the richest Half Marathon in the world, in its 6th year it is an ideal opportunity for T2A athletes to take a short trip up coast from Dubai to try for a PB on a fast course. Friday 17th February 2012 was windy day, and here in the desert the winds whip up the sand which is very unpleasant, so under horrid conditions we saw some great performances from Team T2A. All times listed below are taken from the official race gross times.

Ben Walton - 3rd fastest UAE Resident

Ben Walton although not 100% and suffering a cold got podium for his 1:18:14 being 3rd UAE Resident and bagged some prize money – beers on Benny 🙂

Ed Hawkins also under the weather with the offing of a cold, so hammering the Vit C pre race may have worked as he pulled off a 1:21:49

David Hunt cracked out his usual sterling performance in 1:28:44

Finn Zwager who preparing for IM South Africa produced a PB of 1:25:40 (1:25:30 net) – superb racing in tough conditions.

Despite the windy conditions Peter Faulhaber took a PB by 4-mins with a 1:31:11 – he’s looking for that sub 1:30… It’s due soon 🙂

In her first half marathon and the longest distance she’s run Simone Green (listed in the results as Lena Shehadeh) cracked out a 1:57:58… Brilliant performance and a contester for February’s AOTM. She’s worked hard for that result! 😉

Amer Alaily had a good day out with a 1:37:51 (1:36:10 net) and didn’t blow up!!! Well done Amer we’re getting there 🙂

Chantal El-Khoury also strode out for her first half marathon in a 2:01:40 (1:59:59 net)… We don’t know much about Chantal… So Team – meet Chantal 🙂

At last but not least we had another soldier out there battling illness – Matt Warnock (Listed as Craig Jordan). In a not too shabby 1:33:33 considering a tummy bug and some chaffing, from all accounts a tough day out for Matt!! Well done. You can keep up with Matt’s on his blog Dubai Desert Tri Tales

So check out all the results on the official RAK Half Marathon website. If you are looking for a PB on a fast course consider this race for next year!

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