T2A Racing: IM Sri Lanka 70.3 & RAK Half Marathon

A bumper weekend coming up here with RAK Friday and Sri Lanka Sunday.

RAK has Newbies on debut running such as Chantal and Simone, both in fine form and have no worries at all 🙂 From there, we have the big boys such as defending white RAK champion Benny Walton, Ed looking for a PB, Hunty off 3.15hr form, Amer 3kg down, Illinois Pete on PB form well and truly, Chombi, Finn on IM SA fitness, Big Matty well and truly on PB form and Capt J I think running however, I never quite know there (a J and coach joke).

Moving over to Sri Lanka and if its live, we shall have the chatroom pumping Sunday to follow the troops.

Sri Lanka 70.3 has 17 of us racing which is awesome stuff, Janahan, Oman Lisa and Ahmed, Higgsy, Stevie, Tim on debut, Sime, Craig, Piers, Hammer, Mitchell on debut, Elliot, Jay Grant, Marie on debut (5150) Seano on debut, Ian and Janey.

Thats a solid showing with 28 all in racing….

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