TeamT2A Rock Kona and Crowie gets his 5th World Title


Just a quick update here regarding our new Kona legends. Marshall, Edward and Neil all racing in the 10hr club on their Kona debut.

I am so proud of these guy’s, you all have a great story and your journey their was all so unique. A big congratulations to you guy’s, I am very proud to have coached you 3 and thanks for believing in me and your loyality you show, that is what means the most to me!

Well, we get to hang with him in 2 weeks TeamT2A!! Craig just won his 3rd Ironman World Title, making him a 5 Time World Champion. He now surely has to go down as one of the greatest Triathletes of all time.

Craig will be joining TeamT2A on a private program in Dubai from Oct 24th to 29th, we all can’t wait to see you again mate, we go back 18 years Crowie, I can’t believe how this all started and where we are today!!

Cheers Team,


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