Marshall Reporting in from Kona

I’m registered now, number 1218, all good.

I was up a little further North on the island today, the scenery just gets more and more impressive – yes some serious smoking!

The mild temperatures and rain are now clearing and we are getting some proper sun and heat. The swim will definitely be slow, it’s weird water out here.

Had the parade of nations this afternoon, only one competitor was there holding the flag for the UAE, however he spoke extremely good English and was from Kent!

Crowie was at the expo signing autographs by the Newton stand, he is definitely a little worried about the race – obviously not Kona, but the Annual T2A Handicap Invitational – he has sent you the attached message! BTW – that new Specialized bike looks even better in the flesh – some serious porn, tell Stuey to bring a whole box of Kleenex, Benny will need two!

Well, we’ll see what tomorrow brings, but it’s been getting better and better with each day so far!


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