Big Time Racing this Weekend for TeamT2A

Hi Team,

This weekend see’s some of our big hitters of the TeamT2A racing abroad.

CHINA- Firstly on Saturday at 3am local time, we will have the chatroom open I must add ( Ben, do you need additional names ) as we are racing in the ITU World Triathlon Championships.

Dierdre hits the water at 2.40am local, Stuey and Janey around 2.50am and Hammer at 3.10am local. These 4 stars are racing at World Championship level. I have added huge pressure on two in particular here to reach the podium. You believe this, we have two athletes as a genuine chance of placing in the medals at the World Championship level?

There will be live tracking here on along with our chat room thanks to Ben Walton. I suspect a few will actually wake up and watch this which is fine as Benny and I will be there glued anyway. Ben will send this chat room link also and i shall forward it on. Thanks again Ben..

Las Vegas- Secondly, we have Craig Jordan racing in the 70.3 Ironman World Championships along with honorary member, 3 Time World Champion himself, Mr Craig Alexander. Jordo is in good form after Korea and being a hot, hilly tough course, I think we shall do ok here. He is going for a laugh and been quite busy of late so the objective being simply to enjoy the event. On the other hand, Craig is on fire, hungry and angry. I spoke with him yesterday and he is in form and really wants a 4th World Title. i asked him why he did not race Des Monies last week with 150K to win and his reply was exactly this, “chuck, I want to keep it all in my pants for Sunday, f..k these guy’s ” yep, he is all Australian that one. has live tracking and again, we shall be in the chat rooms etc.

Ironman Wisconsin- Thirdly, we move over to the corn fields and watch Chicago Glen race, he is nervous however, well prepared here. Again, will have both Vegas and Wisconsin on so we shall be watching the boys go around from 4pm UAE local Sunday in the chat room. I hope those who have raced in the past stay up all night for Chicago as him, along with Benny wait until the last member crosses the line. He is all TeamT2A Glen, he is in great shape and deserves his moment here big time. Its a tough hilly course this one, if he is in the 12 hrs club, I will be stoked.

Good luck Stuey, Didge, Janey, Hammer, Jordo, Crowie and Chicago, we are all going to be watching and mulling over Saturdays coffee for you guys!!



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